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Integrated solution in Aranda Service Management for self-management, reset and administration of passwords by the end user.

Eliminate up to 40%
of calls to
service desk

Allow your end users to unlock, reset or change their domain account password at any time, without the need to contact the IT department, eliminating one of the most frequent calls to the service desk and reducing the costs represented in the time spent by a specialist for the attention of these requirements.

Offer a reliable self-service

for your users.

Facilitate a simple configuration of security questions, guaranteeing your users a second layer authentication for the login to the application and the self-management of their domain accounts, and configure the sending of automatic notifications via email in case of actions such as password resets or data updates.

Set strict password policies
for Active Directory

Determine domain policy settings including filters such as: minimum password length, password complexity, recently used passwords and days of last password change. In addition, automatically notify your users of password expiration dates.

Empower your users

Increase safety

Reduce operating costs

Increase productivity

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