Software Metrix

Audit and manage software licensing and establish levels
of use of software resources

Reduce costs and death times and increase performance in your organization.

Con Aranda Software Metrix know the software resources acquired by your organization, the value and location of them, facilitating the management of purchase, use, control and update of these assets. In addition, our solution allows you to identify licensed and unlicensed software, licensing costs, contracts and invoices, and information related to programs and operating systems.

Determine the levels of use of the tools, given by its collaborators in each workstation in a determined time, managing to improve the management of the resources in the acquisition and relocation of software and the processes of decision making.

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Special features

Unified Authentication:

The integration of Aranda’s authentication systems with LDAP (Active Directory) offers the user a secure and unified authentication service for access to the Service Desk.

Esquemas de Licenciamiento:

This are the two assign licensing schemes for the ASM use:

Workstation: This type of licensing is used when it is required to install an agent on each of the client’s workstations to monitor them
Concurrent: This scheme is administered by the availability of licenses purchased and the specialists access to the application, It depends on the release of each license for a new entry.
Named: This scheme provides a personalized and unique license with the basic data of the specialist that will enter into the console at any time

  • Get to know the level of use of software installed on each workstation.
  • Acknowledge the value and expiration of the licenses acquired.
  • Control of the standard corporate software, informing that software is missing or has more than one station.
  • Adequate pooling and distribution of licenses
  • Optimization of IT management, due to the possibility of making licensing decisions, based on usage records.
  • Simplification of licensing management thanks to centralized control.
  • Increase organizational performance, and take steps to eliminate downtime.
  • Permanent monitoring with updated and real information about what users do at workstations.

Software Usage: Learn the information on the level of software usage per workstation, product or files and identify the percentage of inactivity of a machine in a period of time.

Contract information: Manage and save the records of each software contract made, including important information about value, expiration date, warranty, termination of contract, supplier, among others.

Data Log: Enter software information related to the product description, comments (about technical support, annotations, etc.).

Licensing status: Consult license records, independently or jointly, and cross-check company inventory information with purchased licenses.

Applications: Manage, control and display all data related to the software installed in the inventoried stations and detected by the agent of Aranda Asset Management, creating applications according to the records, components and criteria of selection of software and allocating for the generated application Types of licensing by station, server, processor, user or by defining a scheme that fits your requirements.

System Requirements

On the server

Processor Intel Xeon processor 3 Ghz or higher
Memory 8 GB plus 512 MB per 500 machines in inventory
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2008 Server or higher 64 Bit. Internet

Internet Information Services 6.0 or higher

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0

MDAC 2.7 or higher

Free space on DD 4 GB CD-ROM or access to one over the network

In the client

Processor 2 Ghz Pentium IV processor or higher
Sistema Operativo
  • Microsoft Windows
    • Windows Vista SP2
    • Windows Server 2008 con SP2
    • Windows 7 Professional or higher. 32 and 64 bits
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8.1
Memory 512 MB or higher
Free space on DD 1 GB
Other Protocolo TCP/IP


MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g

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Complement the ASM functionalities, acquiring different solutions of Aranda that facilitates the resources management.

This integration will achieve a solution of automatic inventory of hardware resources, software and administration of the different applications and components detected by the AAM agent, allowing a control of workstation licensing by Aranda Software Metrix (ASM) and a better Use of your organization's software

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