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Why renew my licences

We are committed to our customers' success, which is why annual maintenance of our products provides ongoing value to companies at a cost well below the original purchase price.

Benefits of renovating:

    We provide advice to improve your services with our solutions.

    I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and Aranda Software's Privacy and Personal Data Processing Policy .

    What those who trust us say:

    "Today, what started as a help desk for the IT area is now a cross-cutting tool for the institution and is used by other areas such as Human Resources, Communications, Qualifications, Admissions and Collections".

    Glenn Aleitte
    Director of Operations
    Instituto Profesional AIEP


    "The possibility of having an app for mobile devices has made our users' lives much easier, and the follow-up of cases that was previously manual and not notified to the user is now automated."

    Othón Hernández Palacios
    IT Operation


    Being able to build a broad knowledge base has allowed us to quickly resolve the most recurring day-to-day cases, guaranteeing service levels and eliminating cyclical problems, with a faster response time".

    Valentín Echeverry
    Vice President Technology