Data Safe

Protection and prevention in the data loss, in a simple,
safe and efficient way

Sensitive information, manipulated daily by your employees, is the most valuable asset of your company. Aranda Data Safe is a backup & recovery software, which offers companies a unique and comprehensive solution, built from the ground up for protection and prevention in the loss of business data, in a simple, safe and efficient way in the end points of the corporate network.

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Unlike most endpoint backup products, Aranda Data Safe gives your organization powerful multi-layer protection against data theft and unauthorized access to your files through features such as endpoint encryption, remote clearing and data theft prevention.

File Encryption:

It utilizes the powerful encryption capability of the Microsoft File System (EFS), ensuring a low impact on end-users and fast and easy deployment across your corporate network for all users centrally.

Remote Erase:

With the remote deletion of Aranda Data Safe, you increase protection against unauthorized access to user files when a machine is lost or stolen, allowing the administrator to remotely erase the data on those machines quickly and easily, with the option to retrieve user information directly from the server.

Data Loss Prevention:

Preventing data loss allows organizations to automatically revoke user access to encrypted information after a defined period of time in backup policies. If a user’s computer has not been connected to the network for a certain period of time, whoever has the computer will not be able to access the files on it.

  • Minimizes data loss and recovery times
  • Fast, easy and efficient hardware migration
  • Improve customer service
  • Decrease infrastructure requirements (Bandwidth & Storage)
  • Savings in costs for loss of information
  • Prevent user downtime during data migration projects
  • Minimize impact on infrastructure in terms of bandwidth and storage
  • Reduce the risks of data migration
  • Protect your users from the loss or theft of your information.
  • Provision Aranda Data Safe On-Premise, SaaS or Cloud, adjusting to the needs of your business.
  • Easy to install and deploy in any environment, either to a few users or to thousands of them. It also provides simplified reporting panels per site or per server
  • Easy to implement architecture for Cloud, on-premise or SaaS environments.
  • Optimizes bandwidth and storage resources, using data de-duplication and compression techniques.
  • Enables a centralized policy to have automatic backups of all users and provide better service by the IT area.
  • Ensures the confidentiality of the information, through the encryption of backups with a single key and the use of secure channels for the transport of the information.
  • It is an easy, fast and reliable tool for information retrieval, including any version of the documents in their original location Allows migrations of PCs or operating system updates quickly and easily.
  • Generates reports that allow users to verify users without backups and the status of the implemented ones.
  • Allows to meet the needs of users with mobile workstations (laptops).
  • Enables the generation of backups to Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Integration with the active directory for the backup of its users.
  • Support for open files through integration with Microsoft VSS allows you to back up PST files while Microsoft Outlook is open.
  • One of the key challenges in data protection is the support of information in remote locations, where Aranda Data Safe is the perfect solution, supporting the implementation in both centralized and decentralized architectures, allowing management from a single management console and Offering backup status reports from multiple organizations.

Ensure that information is stored and retrieved easily, securely, quickly and efficiently from the endpoints of the corporate network.

  1. Administration and configuration of centralized user backups. This strengthens your backup policy, allowing your company’s IT department to better serve your users on desktop and laptop computers.
  2. Backups stored securely on your servers.It eliminates unauthorized access to critical business data and allows the IT department to restore lost data quickly and easily.
  3. Backups of automated and secure users. It eliminates the intervention of the users in the generation of backups and ensures that these are done correctly. In addition to getting encryption and compression of backup files, which in turn reduces the space required for storage.
  4. Fast and safe data recovery. Restore specific files in minutes. So easy and fast that during lunch time will restore all the files.


esquema verde

System requirements

Database server

Operating System Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server or higher. 32 and 64 bits.
Free space in DD It is estimated a total of 100 MB per user plus 4GB available for the Aranda Data Safe server

For the storage of the backups, it is estimated 20 GB per user depending on the type of information to back up

Server Type




# Of Users 50 500 1500
Procesador 2.0 GHz 2.0 GHz or higher Dual Xeon 3.0 HGz or higher
Memory 2 GB 4 GB 4 GB or higher

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