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Code of Ethics


The code of ethics is a compendium of rules that define the standards of behavior expected by the organization and defines the behaviors of the employees. ARANDA SOFTWARE and the companies that integrate the operation of the company as business partners, as well as all the recipients of the code under the ethical principles of integrity, responsibility, respect and commitment to life.

Having this instrument is a corporate purpose and a personal commitment, which is assumed responsibly; the sum of individual ethical conduct contributes to the construction of a prestigious image, with a culture based on superior principles of behavior.

This code of ethics sets out the ethical commitments and responsibilities, in the management of business and corporate activities, assumed by the collaborators of ARANDA SOFTWARE.

Responsibilities of recipients
  • Know and internalize the information contained in the code of ethics and promote these same actions in the people to whom it is addressed.

  • To sign the documents, certifications or declarations defined by ARANDA to demonstrate knowledge of and commitment to the code, and that they have acted without violating its provisions.

  • Act in accordance with the principles of integrity, responsibility, respect and commitment to life.

  • Comply with the regulations governing the activity developed and those related to the prevention of bribery, transnational bribery and corruption, and others that regulate the ethical and compliance risks indicated in this code.

The raison d'être and mission of ARANDA SOFTWARE is focused on the execution of activities for IT Service and Infrastructure Management, aligned to ITIL® best practices and focused on generating the greatest value for companies in the Latin American market.


Standardize in this code of ethics the principles and values that underlie the Company, the rules of conduct and the actions that must be kept by all parties involved in the activities developed at ARANDA SOFTWARE. Through the daily practice of employees and collaborators as a first stay, then customers and suppliers, it will become a guide for internal coexistence and in their relations with the community.

Following, and as an integral part of the Corporate Governance practices, each employee will find a set of desirable and unacceptable practices that serve as a guide for the execution of the Company's work activities.


The company seeks to maintain the development of a relationship of trust in the areas in which they work, with those categories of individuals, groups or institutions whose contribution is necessary to realize the reason for being of ARANDA SOFTWARE, in any way, an interest in this mission or in achieving its objectives.

Stakeholders are those who participate in the interaction of any activity that supports the integral development of the results obtained by the services performed, first of all the shareholders, then the employees, customers and suppliers. In a broader sense, all those, individuals or groups, in addition to the organizations and institutions that represent them, whose interests are influenced by the direct and indirect effects of the activities of ARANDA SOFTWARE.


Undesirable or unethical behavior compromises the relationship of trust between the company and its stakeholders. The behavior of any individual or organization that attempts to appropriate the benefits of the collaboration of others, taking advantage of positions of power, is unethical and encourages hostile attitudes towards companies. A good reputation is an essential intangible resource. A good reputation in external relations favors shareholder investment, customer loyalty, attraction of the best human resources, supplier confidence and reliability vis-à-vis creditors. In internal relations, it helps to make and implement decisions without conflict and to organize work without bureaucratic controls or excessive use of authority.

This Code also establishes ethical guidelines for our interactions with suppliers and customers. We require all of our suppliers to adhere to our Code of Ethics and to comply with it in their commercial activities as our business partners. This document is not and is not intended to be exhaustive, nor does it include all situations where an ethical conflict may arise. Therefore, situations not foreseen in this Code of Ethics will be resolved according to the principles of equity, fairness and mutual respect, together with the general principles set forth in the Universal Charter of Human Rights, the Constitution and by internal codes, regulations, policies and procedures. In case of doubt, the Compliance Officer or Legal Representative shall be consulted.


The principles are applicable to all cultures, races and creeds. They have a character of durability and permanence, and govern implicitly in the conduct of human beings, as a result of cultural evolution. Ethical principles are moral philosophical precepts that apply to all actions and describe the expected behavior of each of us, in the development of our activities both inside and outside the company. 

Ethical values are qualities that we grant to ways of being and acting, which make them desirable as our own and others' characteristics. Since they are basic in the construction of a peaceful coexistence, within the framework of human rights, values are part of our principles, they guide our interrelations, decisions and practices. 

The principles and provisions of this Code of Ethics are addressed to the members of the Board of Directors and other supervisory bodies of the Company. ARANDA SOFTWARE, in addition to the managers and collaborators linked to the company by contractual relationships derived from any title, even occasional or temporary. In addition, ARANDA SOFTWARE requires that the main suppliers adopt conduct in accordance with the general principles of this Code.

General principles and values of our company:

    1. Confidentiality: 
    2. Ethics (Integrity and Transparency): 
    3. Respect (effective communication, environmental commitment) 
    4. Excellence (Quality, efficiency and effectiveness)
    5. Teamwork
    6. Empathy with the customer
    7. Positive Attitude and Passion
    8. Generation of curiosity or desire to learn
    9. Proactivity

* All these values apply to all aranda software stakeholders. ARANDA SOFTWARE.


Employees are expected to devote all of their working time and attention to their job responsibilities at ARANDA SOFTWARE. Conflicts of interest or the mere appearance of such a conflict must be avoided. Conflicts of interest arise if employees devote themselves to personal activities or interests to the detriment of the interests of ARANDA SOFTWARE. Conflicts of interest can occur in different situations, such as those described in the following examples:

  • The decision to enter into, renew or cancel contracts with suppliers, customers or other third parties should only be based on objective and verifiable criteria, such as price, quality of the service or product, reliability of the contracting partner, etc. Under no circumstances should this decision be affected or influenced by personal relationships, personal gain or other potential or actual personal interests.

  • The same standard applies to any decision involving the hiring of personnel. All decisions related to the hiring of any applicant must be evaluated objectively based on his or her credentials, including qualifications, experiences and individual qualities. These decisions cannot be affected by the personal interest of the employee responsible for ARANDA SOFTWARE or because the applicant has a personal relationship with the person concerned.

  • Employees may not work for, or provide services to, companies that compete with or have business relationships with ARANDA SOFTWARE, nor carry out any other type of work or activity that competes with it.

  • Holding, directly or indirectly (e.g., through related persons), a financial interest in a company that is a competitor or that has a business relationship with ARANDA, where such financial interest exceeds 1% of the total capital of the company. The same limitation applies to ownership interests in direct or indirect business entities that do not require formal incorporation, such as partnerships.

  • Employees who have or suspect that they may have a conflict of interest must report them to their direct supervisor.


An ethical conflict of interest that violates the principle of integrity is considered to be any action or circumstance that may imply a conflict of interest or that detracts from impartiality, in view of the fact that private interest or decision making for one's own benefit or that of a third party and/or to the detriment of the company's interests may prevail.

Conflicts of interest and ethical conflicts are typologies of acts of corruption.

Degrees of kinship

It corresponds to the performance in which the collaborators of ARANDA SOFTWARE in matters in which they have a particular and direct interest in the management, control or decision, or their spouse, permanent partner, or any of their relatives within the fourth degree of consanguinity, second degree of affinity first civil, or their partner or partners in fact or law.

In the event of possible conflicts of interest in the performance of any activity, situations in which the parties involved in the transactions are, or appear to be, in a conflict of interest must be avoided. This means whether an employee has a different interest with respect to the company's mission and the balance of interests of those involved or "personally" benefits from the company's business opportunities, such as representatives of customers or suppliers.


No employee who has been entrusted with confidential information concerning ARANDA SOFTWARE, its suppliers, customers or other business partners may disclose such information to any third party or use it for his or her personal benefit while working for ARANDA SOFTWARE or thereafter, unless:

  • Such disclosure is made pursuant to a valid and enforceable confidentiality agreement,

  • Prior written approval is obtained from ARANDA SOFTWARE by a duly authorized person (to the extent that confidential information of ARANDA SOFTWARE), o

  • Prior written approval is obtained from a third party, (to the extent confidential information of a third party is affected), or

  • Disclosure of confidential information is permissible with prior notice to any affected third party (if possible), if required by mandatory law, any governmental entity, court or other judicial or regulatory body.

Compliance with internal, legal and contractual confidentiality obligations is essential for the protection of the interests and proprietary information of ARANDA SOFTWARE, as well as for its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable company. Any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information may cause significant damage to ARANDA SOFTWARE and its business partners. Confidential information is any non-public technical or business information including, but not limited to, any and all of the following: supplier and customer lists, prices, discoveries, inventions, processes, methods, techniques, equipment, know-how, trade secrets, other proprietary and intellectual property rights, procedures, formulas, protocols, specifications, research and development, financial or marketing information, as well as business strategies and plans.

Employees are encouraged to immediately report any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information to their direct supervisor.


The collaborators of ARANDA SOFTWARE employees are an indispensable factor for its success. For this reason, the company is committed to continuous training and promote the value of human resources in order to improve and increase the skills and competitiveness of the capabilities of each employee.


In the underwriting and management of contractual relationships involving the formalization of hierarchical relationships - in particular with employees - ARANDA SOFTWARE is committed to act in such a way that authority is exercised in a fair and correct way avoiding any kind of abuse.

For the above reasons, ARANDA SOFTWARE ensures that authority does not become the exercise of a power harmful to the dignity and autonomy of the employee, and that work organization choices protect the value of employees.


ARANDA SOFTWARE guarantees the physical and moral integrity of its employees, working conditions that respect individual dignity, the rules of good manners and safe and healthy working environments. Likewise, they act in such a way that in the work environment there are no episodes of intimidation or harassment. We do not tolerate requests or threats aimed at inducing people to act against the law or the Code of Ethics, or to adopt behaviors that are harmful to their moral and personal convictions and preferences.

With regard to transparency and integrity of information, employees must provide complete, transparent, understandable and accurate information so that, when establishing relations with the company, those involved can make autonomous decisions, aware of the interests at stake, the alternatives and the relevant consequences.


It must be avoided that, in existing relationships, someone operating on behalf of or for the account of ARANDA SOFTWARE may take advantage of possible contractual loopholes, or unforeseen events, to renegotiate the contract in order to benefit from the position of dependence or weakness in which his interlocutor may find himself, even committing intentional unlawful acts.


ARANDA SOFTWARE is committed to promoting free and fair competition, without illegal restrictions or agreements restricting competition. Any infringement of competition law can have serious consequences for ARANDAfor its reputation and for the employee of ARANDA employee who commits it. Such consequences may include the imposition of substantial penalties, civil liability for damages, the invalidity of the concluded contract and/or legal proceedings against ARANDA and/or the person involved. Therefore, each employee of ARANDA must, at all times, comply with all competition laws of the countries in which we operate and compete in the marketplace solely on the basis of ARANDA's excellent prices, products, quality and service. ARANDA'S EXCELLENT PRICES, PRODUCTS, QUALITY AND SERVICE.

As a global company, ARANDA is subject to a multitude of competition rules that differ from country to country. Therefore, it can often be difficult to determine whether a proposed behavior or procedure may constitute a violation of local law. It is important to remember that an illegal agreement may not be in writing. Also so-called "gentlemen's agreements" or concerted practices, the intent of which is to limit competition or trade in a particular market, may be illegal, even if they do not in fact have an anti-competitive effect. In case of doubt, employees should consult with the Company's management before taking any action. Employees of ARANDA employees must refrain from engaging in any conduct or activity that may create even the mere perception of illegal conduct.


Environmental protection 

Promote the awareness of the social relevance of the activity of ARANDA SOFTWARE and the consequent need to devote due consideration, in its development, to all the interests involved.

The governance structures in charge of ensuring the objectives are mainly the president and shareholders. In the area of internal control and auditing, the Transparency and Business Ethics Program has been adopted to verify that the various business processes are adequate in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and optimization; to safeguard corporate assets and ensure that operations are in compliance with internal and external regulations and corporate directives and guidelines aimed at ensuring sound and effective management.

ARANDA SOFTWARE provides all the necessary information so that investors' decisions can be based on the knowledge and understanding of business strategies and management development and serve to obtain the expected return on invested capital. All financial communication is characterized not only by mere compliance with regulatory requirements, but also by comprehensible language, completeness, timeliness and uniformity of information for all investors.


Gifts, presents and favors: No gifts of any kind that could be construed as exceeding normal business practices or courtesy or, in any way, intended to receive favorable treatment in the performance of any activity that may be linked to the company are admissible. In any case, ARANDA SOFTWARE refrains from practices not permitted by the applicable legislation, by the commercial uses or by the ethical codes - if known - of the companies or of the entities with which it maintains relations.

The gifts of ARANDA SOFTWARE are characterized by the fact that they are intended to promote the brand image. The gifts offered - except for those of a modest value - must be managed and authorized in accordance with the policies established by ARANDA SOFTWARE. Employees who receive gifts or favors that are not authorized in the cases provided for, must inform the president and the compliance officer at ARANDA SOFTWARE who will evaluate whether they are pertinent or not.


The company's communication with the areas in which it operates (including through the media) is characterized by respect for the right to information; under no circumstances is it permitted to disseminate false or biased news or comments.

All communication activities comply with laws, rules, professional conduct practices and are carried out with clarity, transparency and timeliness, safeguarding, among others, price-sensitive information and trade secrets.


The selection of personnel to be hired is carried out considering whether the profiles of the candidates correspond to those expected and the different business needs, respecting the principle of equal opportunities for all interested parties.

All personnel selection activities must provide coverage and no activity that is outside the policies and procedures established by senior management may be carried out; likewise, no activity previously established as a filter for hiring may be overridden. 


Personnel are hired under a legal labor contract; no form of illegal employment is accepted. When establishing the employment relationship, each employee receives precise information regarding:

  • The characteristics of the position and the tasks to be performed;
  • The regulatory and remuneration elements regulated by the employment contract;
  • The rules and procedures to be adopted in order to avoid possible health risks related to the work activity;

This information is presented to the employee for acceptance after full understanding.

In the area of personnel management and development processes, as well as in the selection phase, the decisions taken are based on the adequacy of the expected profiles and the profiles of the employees (e.g. in case of promotion or transfer) and/or on merit considerations (e.g. allocation of incentives based on the results achieved).


In this area, it is particularly important for managers to communicate the strengths and weaknesses of the employee, so that the latter can focus on improving his or her own skills through specific training. ARANDA SOFTWARE provides all employees with information and training tools, both internal and remote, in order to enhance their specific skills and maintain the professional value of the staff. Institutional training is provided at specific moments in the employee's corporate life (for example, an introduction to the company and its business is provided for new recruits) and recurrent training is provided for operational staff.

The training history of each employee is recorded in the personnel computer system in order to check the degree of use of the training and to design subsequent training courses. All managers must optimize the working time of their employees by requesting services in accordance with the performance of their tasks and with the work organization plans.

It is an abuse of the position of authority to request, as an act due to the hierarchical superior, benefits, personal favors or any behavior that constitutes a violation of this Code of Ethics. The involvement of employees in the development of the work is encouraged, promoting their participation in discussions and functional decisions to achieve business objectives. The employee must participate in such moments with a spirit of collaboration and independence of judgment. Listening to different points of view, always taking into account the business needs, allows the person in charge to formulate the final decisions; in any case, the employee must always contribute to the accomplishment of the established activities.

Changes in the organization of work In the event of reorganization of work activities, the value of human resources must be safeguarded by providing, whenever necessary, training and/or retraining. The company will adhere to the following criteria:

  • The costs of the labor reorganization should be distributed as evenly as possible among all employees, in accordance with the effective and efficient conduct of the business;
  • In the event that new or unforeseen situations need to be managed, the employee may be assigned different tasks from those previously performed, while safeguarding his or her professional skills at all times.

ARANDA SOFTWARE respects the right to privacy of each individual. Therefore, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the collection, processing and use of personal data. Any unlawful collection, processing or use of personal data of our employees, suppliers, customers and third parties is strictly prohibited. All personal data must be permanently safeguarded with appropriate care and protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

Information protection measures ensure that all necessary controls and standards are in place to provide the required level of information availability, data integrity and confidentiality.

These standards also provide for the prohibition, except in cases provided for by law, to communicate/disseminate personal data without prior authorization from the data subject and establish the rules for the control, by each collaborator, of the privacy protection rules, for this purpose. ARANDA SOFTWAREhas a policy for the treatment of personal data, which can be consulted by all stakeholders on the website


The employee must act in good faith in order to comply with the obligations set forth in the employment contract and all the provisions of the Code of Ethics, guaranteeing the required services; and must report, through the appropriate channels, any violation of the rules of behavior established by the internal procedures.

The collaborator must know and apply all that is foreseen by the policies established by ARANDA SOFTWARE in terms of information security to ensure its integrity, confidentiality and availability. He/she must prepare his/her own documents using clear, objective and exhaustive language, allowing the relevant checks by colleagues, managers and external parties authorized to request the performance of such control.

With regard to computer applications, each employee must:

  • Comply scrupulously with the provisions of corporate security policies, in order not to compromise the functionality and protection of computer systems;
  • Not to send threatening or abusive e-mails, not to use inappropriate language, not to make inappropriate comments that may offend a person and/or damage the image of the company;
  • Do not surf web pages with indecent or offensive content.

Contracts and communications with customers of ARANDA SOFTWARE (including advertising messages) must be:

  • In compliance with the regulations in force, without resorting to elusive or otherwise improper practices (such as, for example, procedures or contractual clauses that are demeaning to customers);
  • Complete, so that no element relevant to the client's decision making is overlooked;
  • Available on corporate websites.

The purposes and recipients of the communications determine, on each occasion, the choice of the most appropriate contact channels (receipt, telephone, newspapers, e-mail) for the transmission of the contents, without pressure and without excessive insistence, and committing not to use misleading or false advertising tools.

Finally, the company shall be responsible for communicating in a timely manner all information regarding:

  • Possible modifications to the contract;
  • Eventual variations of of the conditions economic conditions y technical conditions for the supply of the service and/or sale of the products;

The company's style of behavior towards customers is characterized by availability, respect and courtesy, focused on a collaborative and highly professional relationship. In addition, ARANDA SOFTWARE is committed to reduce to a minimum all formalities required from its customers and to adopt simplified, secure and, whenever possible, computerized payment procedures, free of charge.

In any case, in the event that the supplier or customer, in the development of its own activity for ARANDA SOFTWAREaranda software, adopts behaviors that are not in accordance with the general principles of this Code of Ethics and the provisions of the Business Ethics and Transparency Program, ARANDA SOFTWARE will be entitled to take the appropriate measures, including refusing to collaborate in the future with that supplier.

Particular attention should be paid to the formalization and management of contracts whose estimated amount is particularly relevant with respect to the supplier's turnover. To ensure maximum transparency and efficiency in the purchasing process.

Recognition by the supplier of specific social obligations (e.g. measures guaranteeing employees respect for fundamental rights, the principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination, protection against child labor exploitation);


The area in charge of Control and Follow-up is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Make decisions regarding violations of the Code of Ethics of significant relevance brought to the attention of the Compliance Officer of ARANDA SOFTWARE;
  • To express binding opinions regarding the revision of the most relevant policies and protocols, in order to ensure their consistency with the Code of Ethics;
  • To ensure the periodic review of the Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics is made known to internal and external stakeholders through specific communication activities (e.g., delivery of a copy of the Code to all employees, dedicated sections on the company's Intranet, insertion of an information note on the adoption of the Code in all contracts, etc.).

In order to ensure a correct understanding of the Code of Ethics to all the employees of ARANDA SOFTWAREs employees, the Human Resources Department prepares and implements, also in accordance with the indications of the Compliance Officer, an annual training plan aimed at promoting knowledge of the principles and ethical rules. The training initiatives are differentiated according to the role and responsibility of the employees; for new hires, a specific training program is provided to illustrate the content of the Code, compliance with which is required.


The Company will impose disciplinary measures that are appropriate to the nature and circumstances of each violation of this Code.

Violations of a serious nature lead to dismissal of the employee.

Illegal activities and lack of ethics framed in acts of corruption of which the company is aware must be sanctioned and penalized according to the result of the study of the facts.

  • Administrative sanctions
  • Educational sanctions
  • Called to attention
  • Termination of the contract
  • Legal Actions
  • Criminal penalties

Our Code of Business Ethics contains rules related to individual and peer-to-peer responsibilities, as well as responsibilities to our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other related parties, including:

  • Compliance with laws, rules and regulations (including insider trading laws).
  • Protection of confidential and other proprietary information, as well as that of our customers and suppliers.
  • Protection and proper use of the assets of ARANDA SOFTWARE.
  • Respect fundamental rights, human rights, in all our business operations.
  • Compliance with the provisions of the Transparency and Business Ethics Program.
  • Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest. 
  • Protecting the environment. 
  • Encourage reporting of any illegal or unethical behavior. 

If any employee identifies any type of non-compliance with the provisions of this code of ethics and the Business Ethics and Transparency Program, he/she must report it to the Compliance Officer. Complaints can be submitted through the Compliance Officer's mail or telephone extension, as defined in the PTEE Program.


Any area can inform the Compliance Officer about violations of the Code of Ethics, detected after indications from those involved or after the audit activities, and the suggestions that are considered necessary, after the corresponding analysis, he will communicate to the president, the violations and the measures derived from them; The competent business departments, after the indication of the presidency define the measures, take care of their implementation and make a report with the results for the internal audit manager of ARANDA SOFTWARE.