Generate all types of indicators for the management of your assets,
services And for different IT processes in your organization

Aranda Dashboard gives you full visibility into your IT Infrastructure. This solution manages real-time IT infrastructure management indicators, providing unified graphing across all IT service processes.

Control the indicators generated in your organization, for all the processes of the different solutions of Aranda Software, managing to visualize in a graphical and friendly way the metrics in the management of incidents, problems and changes; Consolidated information on the status of assets (CIs), inventory of their infrastructure, use of computer resources, management of knowledge database, levels of software licensing, among others.

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Special features

Licensing Schemes:

The following types of licensing are assigned for the use of ADSB:

Concurrent: This scheme is administered according to the availability of licenses acquired and access of specialists to the application, depends on the release of each license for a new income.

Named: This scheme grants a personalized and unique license with the basic data of the specialist, who enters the console at any time.

Unified Authentication:

The integration of Aranda authentication systems with LDAP (active directory) offers the user a secure unified authentication service for access to the service desk.

  • Display IT indicators quickly.
  • Ease of consultation and understanding of the graphs.
  • Limit access to indicators to certain groups.
  • Fast loading on each of the charts.
  • Make timely and well-informed decisions about IT management in your organization.
  • Low bandwidth consumption, which allows not to congestion the network.
  • Possibility of mobility, thanks to it can be consulted from a web page ..
  • Friendly and understandable interface, which saves costs on specialists.
  • Query indicators from your mobile device.
  • Generate your own indicator easily and quickly.

Administration Indicators KPIs: Configure and organize the metrics to generate indicators that unify the information of processes created by other applications and to follow up to the same of graphical way through mobile devices or via web. Each indicator is built based on a set of predefined metrics for the processes of Aranda Software solutions.

Queries: Through a configuration wizard you can create your own indicators (KPIs), which will allow you to define the specific conditions that must be fulfilled when presenting the information in each graph.

Manage dashboards and graphs: Define a dashboard type associated with an indicator according to the requirements of your organization and configure the default graphic records, associate them with dashboards and user groups; Define the type of graph (thermometer, semicircle, Gauge) and presentation characteristics of the information.

Nested charts (drill down): Obtain the detailed information of each indicator, allowing to go from the general to the particular for each graph; You can assign up to 4 levels of navigation, for each section associated with a board.

Manage groups and users: Group users according to their needs to visualize the different types of graphs, according to the requirements of your organization and associate them with indicators and dashboards.

Visualization of boards and graphs: Visualize the set of graphs configured by the administrator, and when selecting each board access information of the indicator; Only authorized users will be able to see these KPIs.

Profiles: Generate actions aimed at managing the solution, creating work groups, user profiles and assigning permissions, to enter the different functionalities of Aranda Dashboard.

Mobile devices: Check and update the indicators, dashboards and graphs of IT processes, through mobile devices such as Ipad / Iphone and Windows phone 7.

System requirements

On the server

The minimum ranges for the installation are indicated below, however, these characteristics may be higher than those indicated.

In the application and Web server

Processor 3.0 Ghz Xeon processor or higher
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2003 with 32 or 64 bit Server or higher
Free HD space 2 GB
Motor de Base de Datos SQL Server 2005 or higher, Oracle 9i (S.O. x32 for Aranda server) or higher with the latest releases released by the manufacturer
Other • Internet Information Services 5.0 or higher for website

• Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher

Consoles C\S E Web

Software Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP (x32-x64) or higher with the latest Service Pack released by the manufacturer.
  • Configured TPC / IP protocol
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0. Or above, Silverlight 3

Hardware Requirements

Processor Intel Core 2.6 Ghz
Memory 1 GB
Hard Drive 2 GB

Mobile Devices

IPad / iPhone iOS 3.2 or Windows Phone7 (both with push notifications enabled) Dashboard admin console 9.

Note: According to the type of information required you must have installed one of the following products of the Aranda suite: Aranda Service dESK, Aranda Self Service, Aranda Patch Management, Aranda Software Metrix and Aranda CMDB

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Complement the ADSB functionalities, acquiring different solutions of Aranda that facilitate the management of its resources:

Simple integration with other Aranda tools, such as Aranda Asset ManagementT, Aranda Inventory, Aranda Software Matrix, Aranda Patch Management among others.
Our solution for the management of processes and support services, Aranda Service Desk, allows to manage and respond to service calls, incidents and problems, reducing support costs, by integrating with Aranda Dashboard (ADSB), graphically visualizing generated indicators For the service desk.

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