Software Delivery

Distribute centrally the installation of software
and files on your corporate network

Optimizing technical support times and travel costs

Aranda Software Delivery facilitates the centralized and programmed distribution of software and files on any of your organization’s workstations, in an unattended manner and without interfering with the productivity of users.

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Special features

Unified Authentication:

  • Integration of Aranda authentication systems with LDAP (active directory) provides the user with a secure unified authentication service for access to the service desk.
  • If communication problems occur during the distribution process, Aranda Software Delivery has the function of resuming the process, which allows the download to continue from the point where the disconnection and / or error occurred. This avoids having to restart the download process.
  • Each of the stations of the organization has a local agent who is responsible for executing the tasks created and programmed with a minimum consumption of resources.
  • Execution of projects without the need to log in to the stations.
  • Query event logs stored in client stations, after execution of each project.

  • Selection and configuration of local and remote routes, in which you can easily store the files you want to transfer and / or execute.
  • Using files on network shares to copy or run them from their original location. This allows you to share files between client stations without congesting the network
  • • File of the results of the installations executed in each station. In this way, it is possible to keep a detailed track of the history of software distribution in the organization

Licensing Schemes:

Workstation: This type of licensing is used when it is required to install an agent on each of the client’s workstations to monitor them

  • Centralized software facility management in a simple, fast and secure way
  • Considerable reduction of downtime or unproductive
  • Its implementation does not require additional investment in technological infrastructure, since the solution does not generate impact in its stations and corporate network
  • Simplifies the installation and upgrade tasks on all the workstations of the organization, thanks to the creation of complete software distribution projects
  • Planning of the distribution processes, managing to define the execution times of the process and the stations where the installation will take place
  • Carry out these tasks without affecting the work routine of the users of the organization and without the need to use days of manual installation that generate decreases in productivity
  • Simple implementation of Aranda SOFTWARE DELIVERY in your company, by remote installation of the only agent Aranda, light and intelligent, installed in an unattended and silent

Installation Packages: Generate standardized, self-tuning software installers so they can be automatically distributed by the administrator on selected workstations.

The installation packages are of two kinds:

  • Image Generator, obtains an image with the necessary information for the installation of the desired application.
  • Aranda Package, allows you to manually generate custom installers.

Version Detection: Manage versions of different files (.exe, dll, and so on) installed on your organization’s workstations. Make a date and version control when replacing files.

Sending credentials for software installation: Provides the administrator with the installation processes in organizations that have different levels of access permissions for their users. That is, when a user does not have the permissions to access the shared resources (where the installers of the software packages are located), the system administrator can do it with a different authentication to allow the installation process .

Software Catalog: Many organizations manage standard software listings allowed for their users. The Aranda Software Delivery web console called «My Software» allows users to download the installers of the applications that are authorized to them, from a URL defined by the administrator. This reduces the need for technical assistance and optimizes the work of the support area.

Publishing to more than one Aranda file server: You can go to more than one server to publish or store your software installation files. With ASD, configure and publish the files on more than one server (Aranda File Server – AFS) by segmenting the software distribution according to the geographic location of the stations.

Uninstalling software: With the Image Generator module you can perform automatic uninstallations of unauthorized software on your organization’s workstations.

Web Access: Specialists, supervisors, administrators have access to the web console of Aranda Software Delivery, from any computer in the network.

Distribution Projects: Generate and manage Software Distribution Projects that allows defining the product to be installed, the date and time convenient for it.

Profiles: Generate actions aimed at managing the solution, creating work groups, user profiles and assigning permissions, to enter the different functionalities of Aranda Software Delivery.

System requirements

On the server

On the server where you have the Aranda File Server AFS, you must have hard disk space for the storage of the generated installers.

Processor Intel Xeon processor 3 Ghz or higher
Memory 8 GB plus 512 MB per 500 machines in inventory
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2008 Server or higher. 64 bits

Internet Information Services 6.0 or higher

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0

MDAC 2.7 or higher

Aranda Asset Management

Free space on DD 4 GB CD-ROM or access to one over the network

On the server running the Aranda FILE SERVER AFS, you must have sufficient hard disk space for the storage of the generated installers.

En el cliente

Processor 2 Ghz Pentium IV processor or higher
Memory 512 MB or higher
Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows
    • Windows Vista SP2
    • Windows Server 2008 con SP2
    • Windows 7 Professional or higher. 32 y 64 bits
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8.1
Free space on DD 1 GB
Other TCP / IP Protocol

Base de datos

MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g

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Complement the Aranda Software Delivery functionalities, acquiring different solutions of Aranda that facilitates the resources management:

Complement the Aranda Software Delivery functionalities, acquiring different solutions of Aranda that facilitates the resources management.

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