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We have extensive experience in developing software for management of technological infrastructure, based on ITIL best practices In order to offer a portfolio that will allow your company to have quality and efficiency in its processes with friendly solutions easy to implement.

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Improve your users perception about the services offered and manage the IT processes that supports your business, also provide your users the possibility to self-manage their cases and to have different points of contact by phone, email, web (online) and mobile), ensuring the traceability and management of the case.

Aranda Service Management integrates solutions to manage your cases from an unique point of contact with Aranda Service Desk, stores your configuration items Information on a unique database with Aranda CMDB, provide remote support with Aranda Virtual Support.



Get to know and manage all of your technology assets of hardware and software optimizing its use, distribute and keep its programs updated to avoid security risks and achieve a lower environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions from their workstations.

Device Management integrates solutions to provide inventory with Aranda Asset Management, distribute programs with Aranda Software Delivery, manage energy policies with Aranda Power Management, audit the software use with Aranda Software Metrix, get? the latest patches and updates with Aranda Patch Management.



Simplify the enterprise mobility and speed up your processes from mobile devices in your company or those of its employees linked to the platform («Bring your own device» – BYOD) while improving the time response and quality of requests from its customers.

Manage your company’s mobile devices on a simple and efficient way with Aranda Mobile Device Management, control the lifecycle of orders and carry out a detailed tracking of the services field work (field work services) with Aranda Field Service.



Fully protect computers and vital information of your company against external attacks and data theft. With Aranda 360 and Aranda Data Safe eliminate system vulnerabilities on your workstations.

With the Security Management solutions of Aranda software, get complete protection at its end point and get multiple benefits such as:

  • Intrusion detection based on rules.
  • Control of mobile and removable storage devices.
  • Reduction in data loss and recovery times.
  • Migrate hardware quickly, easily and efficiently.
  • Layered protection against data theft and unauthorized access to your files.



The solutions that integrate Reporting Services are: Generating reports Aranda Query Manager and definition of metrics and indicators using Aranda Dashboard, making profits as graphical query of management IT indicators from the web platform and mobile device. Auto Run and print reports and export them to different formats like PDF, DOC, XML and HTML.

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