The integration of Aranda Software with Absolute Persistence strengthens the resilience of our device management solutions.

Extends the power of Absolute's firmware-integrated Persistence technology to enable automatic recovery of its IT asset management application

Miami, Florida, USA- February 2, 2023 

With over 22 years of experience providing IT infrastructure and service management solutions in the Latin American market aligned with ITIL® best practices, we are pleased to announce our commercial agreement with Absolute Software.™ (NASDAQ: ABST) (TSX: ABST), the only provider of intelligent, self-healing security solutions, to strengthen the resiliency of its endpoint application with Absolute Application Persistence-as-a-Service (APaaS). Through APaaS, we are leveraging the Persistence® technology built into Absolute's firmware to automatically monitor and remediate our Aranda Device Management (ADM) solution, ensuring it remains healthy, installed and running effectively across our customer base. 

Aranda Device Management enables organizations to optimize IT asset management with the ability to automate common administration and configuration tasks for PCs, laptops and servers, and execute remote maintenance actions on managed devices. In addition, ADM helps them reduce IT administration costs by providing a unified console, optimizing device management, security and compliance. 

With APaaS, we have the ability to integrate Absolute's application resiliency™ capabilities directly into our software suite to continuously maintain application integrity with lower development and maintenance costs. We also have access to rich telemetry data that provides valuable information on application health and performance, enabling application optimization and enhancement. 

"Aranda has taken the critical steps necessary to diagnose and repair its application at the firmware level, ensuring that it remains healthy and functions as intended," said Edward Choi, SVP of Global Alliances at Absolute Software. "Today's hybrid enterprise and education device environments are becoming more complex, putting EndPoint systems at greater risk of crashing, deteriorating or being disabled by negligent or malicious users. By joining our APaaS ecosystem, Aranda delivers maximum return on its customers' software investments and helps strengthen their overall security posture." 

"Our customers depend on our capabilities in asset management and automation to reduce operating costs and maximize the value of their IT investments," said Alberto Lederman, president of Aranda Software. "With the ability to self-heal our EndPoint Agent through APaaS, we are confident that we can seamlessly manage and protect their EndPoint Devices, no matter where those devices are located." 

For more information on Aranda Device Management, visit here. For more information on how to leverage APaaS to automatically repair your mission-critical application, visit here

About Aranda Software 

Aranda Software is a company with more than 20 years in the market, which develops solutions for IT Service and Infrastructure Management, aligned with ITIL® best practices and focused on generating the greatest value for companies in the Latin American market. 

At Aranda Software we have a deep understanding of the dynamics of Latin American business, which makes us a strategic ally for our clients to face the new challenges of digital transformation. 

About Absolute Software 

Absolute Software (NASDAQ: ABST) (TSX: ABST) is the only provider of intelligent, self-healing security solutions. Integrated across more than 600 million devices, Absolute is the only platform that delivers an always-on digital connection that intelligently and dynamically applies visibility, control and self-healing capabilities to endpoints, applications and network connections, helping customers strengthen cyber resilience against the growing threat of ransomware and malicious attacks. With the confidence of 18,000 customers, G2 recognized Absolute as a leader for the eleventh consecutive quarter in the Fall 2022 Grid Report for Endpoint Management and as a leader in the Grid® Report for Zero Trust Networks. 

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Technology trends that will transform business in 2023 

Faced with the challenges that have arisen during 2022, many organizations have rethought the way they execute their processes and services and with it came the adoption of new technological solutions that would allow them to face and predict incidents, turning these tools into a competitive advantage. 

Considering this scenario, several companies prioritized digital transformation. According to a report by Worldwide Digital Transformation 2022 Predictions, global spending on digital transformation during 2022 reached $1.8 trillion, an increase of 17.6% over 2021.  

For this reason, as the year draws to a close, we are informing you of the technology trends that 2023 holds for all companies. 

1. Customer engagement and relationship with the customer 

- Creation of superapps 

Apps conceived as a platform, but also as an ecosystem will boom in 2023, companies will develop this system as a strategy for customer attraction, offering more complex functionalities than the usual app.  

The introduction of such superapps at an early stage will give companies a great competitive advantage. 

  • Service Tables 

On the other hand, implementing an ITSM Service Desk is essential for customer service processes and customer satisfaction, since it is a strategic vision that provides value to companies and users. 

For this reason, with the customer in mind, service desks will have greater relevance for companies due to the need to increase user satisfaction, increase the number of cases handled by the service center and decrease the number of incidents that impact organizations.  

Sustainable technology 

More and more companies and organizations are betting on sustainable technology, with 75% of SMEs investing in sustainable measures. Taking into account that sustainable technology is understood as a set of solutions to improve energy efficiency and IT services, in 2023 the implementation of solutions with a sustainable approach will increase. 

It goes without saying that this type of technology also generates operational resilience and financial performance, and may represent new avenues for growth in many sectors. 


-Digital immunity system 

According to Gartner, improved information technologies can reduce production equipment downtime by 80%. Therefore, the advice is to integrate analytics and artificial intelligence systems, to gain scalability, security and stability in all processes. 

By integrating the digital immunity system, companies will improve their ability to observe and monitor all processes, which will also help improve the end customer experience. 

4. AI and security 

One of the big trends for 2023 will be securing data exchanged between smart grids. Automated AI-based solutions will help companies react faster to security incidents. Likewise, through algorithms, it will be possible to detect dangers faster, achieve a minimum margin of error, predict potential threats and help cybersecurity experts create more robust protocols. 

Similarly, solutions that enable organizations to comply with regulatory frameworks will be welcomed, providing visibility of devices with respect to security protection, reducing inherent operational risks and maximizing the value of their investment by reducing security breaches. 

  1. Technology for field services 

Technology tools designed for field service management will be a must for companies in 2023, as they will need a simple way to schedule visits with customers so that field technicians can go in and resolve requests more quickly.  

In addition, to provide a good service in the field, they must also ensure that their technicians have all the information and resources necessary to handle each case, which will have to be done in an automated manner to optimize time and operational costs and to manage all services from the request process to its execution and closure.  

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