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IT asset management software

Our IT asset management software allows you to automate your routine tasks of managing and configuring computers, laptops and servers, reducing your operating costs and maximising the value of your investment.

general overview
Gain full control of your IT estate, increase the efficiency of your resources and optimise the return on your investment.
Manage up-to-date hardware and software inventories, perform remote monitoring and control tasks, distribute and maintain up-to-date software on your devices, reduce power consumption on your workstations and manage software licensing and usage across your organisation, with a solution that adapts to the way you work.

IT Asset Management: Discovery and Inventory

Automatic inventory of linked devices

Discover network-connected devices and get the relevant information about your assets with a single agent installed on each workstation (quantity, status, performance, hardware, software, location).

Life cycle of each device

View the overall status of each of your devices and access a detailed hardware overview with information on Bios, expansion slots, processors, memory slots, storage, disk status, physical components of the device, and more.

Software inventory

Through the software catalogue access all the information collected from the inventory of software installed on the devices (name, manufacturer, type, version, category) and furthermore manage this inventory by grouping software according to records, components and software selection criteria.

Location of the device

Thanks to the global positioning function of the operating system of your devices (Windows 8.1 onwards and Mac OS), access the geographical location of your desktops and laptops (Does not apply to servers).

IT Asset Management: Remote Administration

Remote device management

Execute remote monitoring and administration activities on each device transparently to the user, performing tasks such as accessing the Windows registry, starting and stopping processes and services, managing connections and files, among others.

Process management

Access the list of processes running on the device, additionally know the PID of each process, the CPU and memory usage in percentage, and end the execution of the processes remotely.

Administration of services

Access the full list of services found in the device's service console, and perform actions such as starting, pausing, stopping or restarting a service.

Session management

Access the list of sessions started on the device and remotely log out one or multiple users. 

File management

View all files stored on the device, and perform monitoring and control tasks, deleting unnecessary or unauthorised files with the help of filters.

Connection management

View all requests made by the device, responses to requests, access protocol, local address, port, external address and status.

Manhole valves

View all registry keys found in the Windows registry editor (not available for Linux and MacOs), and execute tasks remotely from the console such as folder and registry key deletion, key creation, string value, expandable string value, Dword value (32 Bits) and Qword value (64 Bits).

Execution of commands

Execute remote management commands, such as powering on or off the device, deleting files by extension, sending messages, among others.

Restoration points

Restore the system files of any of the devices to a previous state, including the operating system (not available for Linux and MacOS) and installed applications.

IT Asset Management: Remote Control

Remote Control

From anywhere in your organisation, gain remote access to a workstation, performing all configuration tasks remotely, reducing response times and on-site support costs. Also enable the recording of these sessions for auditing and knowledge base controls.

IT Asset Management: Software use and licensing

Use of the software

Know the levels of use of the tools, given by your employees at each workstation, achieving better management of resources in terms of acquisition and relocation of software and decision-making processes. In addition, generate reports with detailed information on software usage by user, date and application.

Licensing control

Detect per workstation the installed licenses and define licensed and unlicensed software, by means of groupings and various criteria the solution allows you to classify the installed licensing.

IT Asset Management: Patch Management

Control of updates

Keep your computers up to date with the latest patches and versions released by software manufacturers. Automatically schedule the download of updates; install them immediately or on a scheduled basis and access notifications about updates or patches that pose a security risk to your operating systems.

IT asset management: software distribution

Distribution projects

Generate and manage software distribution projects that allow you to perform software installation or uninstallation activities, as well as mass file transfer and execution without the intervention of end-users, defining schedules for automatic file delivery.

IT asset management: energy savings

Energy policies

Centrally manage your organisation's energy policies, setting actions to configure the performance and status of workstations (executing scheduled tasks such as shutting down monitors, suspending equipment, hibernating, etc.), thus reducing the impact of your devices' energy consumption. 

Estimated energy savings

Know the estimated energy, money and CO2 savings generated by the policies configured in your devices, establishing the environmental and economic impact of energy consumption in your organisation.

IT asset management: reporting


From the ADM console, view pre-defined product reports to facilitate data analysis. Access information at different levels (consolidated, listed and detailed) and use filters to narrow down the information you want to view and export to different formats, including PDF and Excel.

outstanding functionalities

Policy management

Create and manage policies that define the behaviour of your devices in areas such as input port restrictions, allowed applications and power consumption.

Rule management

Define and manage rules that allow you to automate processes such as updating patches or executing actions following device discovery in the inventory.

Change alerts

Be aware of hardware and software changes on your workstations by configuring alarms, and make corrective decisions in real time based on these alarms.

Activity monitoring

Add and manage activity monitors that allow you to view, in real time, the percentage of disk usage, memory usage, and processor usage of a device.

Virtualisation Support

ADM makes it possible to perform some management tasks of the virtual environments included in the inventory (virtualised devices, and the hypervisors where they are located).

User roles and profiles

Facilitate administration of the solution by creating workgroups and assigning roles with sets of permissions to users logging into the console, simplifying the accomplishment of their tasks.


To further complement its functionality, our IT Asset Management Software integrates natively with our CMDB and Advanced Reporting solutions.

Connecting IT and business

Keep CMDB configuration items automatically updated with the discovery or changes detected in device inventories from ADM, thus facilitating the detailed linking of CI information to Service Management processes involving these assets (incidents, requests, problems, changes).

Knowledge of the cost of assets

From the CMDB, manage all contracts and invoices for your hardware and software licenses, as well as information related to warranties, expiry dates, maintenance, suppliers, among others.

Why Aranda Device Management?

Modular suite

It allows the acquisition of functionalities according to the organisation's management needs.

Unified web console

Integrated and centralised suite on a 100% web-based platform, with no need to install a console on the computer.

OnPremise/Cloud Mode

Installation according to the infrastructure needs and advantages of each modality for the organisation.

Design and usability

100% intuitive interface, easy configuration, fast loading and user friendly for any type of user.

Local support in Spanish

Specialised and certified support team certified in the tool with presence in Latin Latin America.

Aranda Query Manager included

Advanced reporting solution and customisable dashboard, included in any ADM package licence.

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