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Regulatory compliance solution for information security

Improve your organization's security posture, thanks to a single point of control that audits software compliance and security configurations, supporting more than 5,000 applications.

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Automate your organization's security compliance management.

Quickly and intuitively know the security compliance status of your devices and execute remediation tasks for those devices that do not comply with the policies defined in your company.


Improve IT security decision making by having a centralized solution that reports in real time the compliance status of your security policies.

Minimize downtime due to safety interventions on equipment due to incomplete/obsolete safety configurations.

Strengthen your organization's security posture with visibility into technology assets and their attack surface.

Facilitate your organization's regulatory compliance by demonstrating evidence required to comply with regulations such as ISO 27001, CIS Controls, HIPAA, PCI DSS, among others.

Reduce human error due to manual interventions on your organization's equipment.

Tenga un mayor control de todo el software de seguridad a lo largo de toda su organización, disminuyendo considerablemente el riesgo de sufrir ataques cibernéticos.


Define compliance policies

Defina las políticas que le permitirán conocer el estado y las configuraciones de más de 10 tipos de soluciones de seguridad (Antimalware, Antiphishing, Antivirus, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Encriptación, Firewall, Respaldo, VPN, entre otras), con compatibilidad con los fabricantes más reconocidos (Acronis, Avast, AVG, CheckPoint, ESET, Fortinet, Kaspersky, McAfee, Microsoft, Symantec, TrendMicro) y más de 5000 aplicaciones.

Quickly identify the level of security compliance

Conozca de forma rápida e intuitiva el estado de cumplimiento de seguridad en los dispositivos, respecto a las políticas definidas e implementadas por su organización.

Apply the corresponding remediation actions

Based on the identification of device status, quickly remediate equipment that does not comply with the security policy, unattended initiating automatic actions such as activation of security solutions (e.g. starting the firewall) and activation of real-time protection (for malware applications), among others.

Why Aranda Security Compliance?

100% Cloud Solution

Increase availability and reduce the need for your organization's own infrastructure resources with a 100% cloud-hosted solution.

Centralized Management

Manage centrally from a web platform the level of compliance of your organization, without having to install a console on any computer.

Agile implementation

Make the process of deploying and linking the solution to all your devices quick and easy.

Immediate remediation

Solucione incumplimientos a nivel de seguridad, para cualquiera de las soluciones soportadas, en cualquier dispositivo en cuestión de segundos.


Solution compatible with more than 5000 applications from the most recognized manufacturers in cybersecurity.

Support in English

Support team specialized and certified in the tool with presence in Latin America.

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