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Backup and data protection software

La plataforma de Aranda Data Safe es una solución integral para gestionar, hacer copias de seguridad, proteger y migrar fluidamente sus datos y dispositivos de endpoint de manera centralizada.

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Prevent the loss of business information with an integrated data protection suite.

Discovery and inventory

Get a complete inventory of your computer equipment, with detailed information on hardware and software, size and types of data on your devices, as well as usage and storage requirements.

Deploy the automatic discovery agent in your organization on an unlimited number of devices and on a global scale.

Understand your data by knowing what data is, or is not, business data, what data is at risk and get a report with accurate usage and storage requirements.

Know your hardware and software inventory in real time, with a list of your computer equipment and a detailed software report, including installed applications, drivers, services and updates.

Automated backups

Active copias de seguridad de manera centralizada obteniendo un respaldo permanente y seguro de sus datos críticos, independientemente de donde se almacenen o se encuentren sus usuarios.

Granular policy control

Gain full control over backups; customize backup policies by branch, user or department. Select data for backup by file type or location, and ensure efficient backup management of the right files.

Lowest TCO with best-in-class deduplication

High-performance backups with global source-based deduplication result in massive TCO savings, ultra-fast data transfers and minimal user, CPU and network impact.

Safer backup and storage

Aranda Data Safe uses zero-knowledge encryption key management to ensure that encryption keys are never exchanged with the storage system at any time.

Fast and reliable data recovery and restoration

Acceda a los datos de su archivo de recuperación de forma simple y rápida con instantáneas independientes que permiten restablecer puntos de restauración de un momento determinado, además recupere archivos o encuentre un documento eliminado sin la necesidad de recurrir a TI gracias a la recuperación de autoservicio.

Gaps closed in Office 365

Reduce the inherent risks of collaborative SaaS environments including: loss due to human error, unencrypted device data and limited DLP capabilities.

Optimized Outlook backup

Back up the user's Microsoft Outlook Archive (PST) files regardless of where they are stored. Aranda Data Safe is optimized for fast, high-performance PST backup with best-in-class deduplication.

Data Loss Protection (DLP)

Protect your most critical business information against ransomware attacks, unauthorized access, theft and data loss by enabling powerful multi-layered protection with file encryption, remote access revocation, data theft prevention and geo-location of your devices with a single click from your management console.

File encryption

Centrally and remotely activate the encryption of information on your computers, completely protecting user files in case of loss or theft of a machine.

Remote deletion

In the event of theft or loss of a machine Aranda Data Safe allows you to erase the backed up data from any machine remotely, ensuring the watertight security of all your information.

Access revocation

Revoque de forma remota el acceso de los usuarios a los datos respaldados en caso de pérdida, robo del dispositivo, o abandono de la organización por parte de un usuario. Sin importar lo que suceda con los dispositivos de sus usuarios, sus datos estarán protegidos.

Data theft prevention

When necessary, you can revoke data access if users do not access their profiles within a set period of time. With this automatic revocation feature, you can stay ahead of data vulnerabilities and create a strategy for large environments with higher staff turnover.


Rastreé la ubicación de cualquier dispositivo protegido para una recuperación rápida o un borrado remoto de los archivos respaldados, aumente las posibilidades de recuperar su dispositivo y los datos confidenciales que contiene.

Centrally managed security

Centralized management gives IT full control over data security, while allowing threats to be addressed from a centralized point, regardless of the size of the organization and the location of users.

Remote data migration

Manage data migration remotely from Aranda Data Safe. Our migration feature allows you to select new and old devices, and migrate all files and user profile settings to the new machine or operating system in minutes.

Remote migration activation and supervision

Migrations can be triggered centrally from the cloud console, making it possible to monitor their status and progress from start to finish. It is also possible to activate several migrations simultaneously.

Complete device-to-device migration

Device-to-device migration reduces the need for additional storage and migrates all files directly between the two devices. The migration is encrypted and compressed to optimize the process and reduce the impact.

Full migration of files and profile settings

All user files are identified and migrated seamlessly to the new device. In addition, the user's device profile, including system and application settings, are also included in the migration.

Live migration

Migrations occur as users continue to work and when you are ready to hand over the device, simply perform an upgrade migration to incorporate any new work or changes.

Data governance and compliance

Ensure governance and compliance with global information security standards such as GDPR, PoPl and ISO 27001.

Ensure compliance with data protection and corporate governance regulations, with centralized control over backup policies, encryption, DLP functions and business reporting.
Provide access to investigative or compliance teams without compromising the confidentiality of information, streamlining the audit process and mitigating the risk of data loss due to industrial espionage.

Mitigate the risk of liability for executives and directors who have a legal duty to protect access to confidential information as well as critical organizational data.

Intuitive management

Centralized policy management

Create endpoint protection and backup policies from your administration console, allowing you to have a unified management of all your device groups, through guidelines according to the needs of the organization.

Unified board and protection rating

Sin importar el tamaño de su empresa o la cantidad de sucursales remotas a las que preste servicio; administre y supervise centralizadamente las copias de seguridad y la protección a sus usuarios de equipos de cómputo mediante una calificación de protección.

Why Aranda Data Safe?

Integral solution

Aranda Data Safe combines best-in-class data protection technology with the most intuitive management interface. the most intuitive administration interface.

Centralized management

Solve the complexities of managing, migrating and securing your data in distributed environments with a single management console.

Scalable solution

Easily deploy the ADS agent throughout your organization, regardless of the number of discovered devices and hardware mix.

Invisible agents

In addition to silent agent activation and installation, backups and encryption are performed invisibly to the user.

Real-time monitoring

Aranda Data Safe's powerful dashboards and management reports make it easy to monitor thousands of users remotely at the central console.

Support in English

Effective Spanish-language tool support and advanced resources for your IT team.

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