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Aranda Support Center

For Aranda Software it is very important to provide you with the best quality technical assistance.
For this reason, if you have any doubts or problems concerning the use of our applications, please contact our support centre Aranda Support Center (ASC).
To use the services of Aranda Support Center, please contact our specialists through the following means:

Report a case

Request a report

Complaints and Grievances

Fill in the following form
To obtain your username and password, please contact us.
International line: (57) 601-7563000 Opt 2
Argentina: 54-11-52354248
Mexico: 52-55-13281764
Chile: 56 - 224642191
Peru: 51 - 1 - 7027104

Opening hours at Aranda Support Center (ASC)

Monday - Friday from 8:00 to 18:00 (GMT - 5). This service is not available on Sundays and public holidays.
The following information should be available when contacting the Aranda Support Center specialist:
  • Name of the company.
  • Background to the failure.
  • Detailed description of the problem and level of impact.
  • Exact version of the product.
  • Actions taken so far.

Request for reports

Aranda Support Center provides the service of generating reports on the different products. Only re-reports that can not be performed with the help of Aranda Query Manager will be generated, Aranda Support Center will deliver the necessary sentences for the design of the reports to be implemented in Aranda Query Manager. The delivery time of the requested reports is 72 working hours.

To bear in mind:

  • Before requesting technical support from ASC, you should verify that you have applied the latest updates published on, in the Updates section.
  • There must be a single technical contact at the customer, who must be trained and certified by an authorised distributor or directly by Aranda Software for the products purchased.
  • Aranda Support Center (ASC) does not provide support or maintenance on the database engines.
  • Depending on the complexity, remote access to customer equipment will be requested.
At Aranda Support Center (ASC) you will find
  • Support for technical issues with any of the solutions in the Aranda portfolio.
  • Information on updates.
  • Reception centre for change requests and suggestions.
  • Generation of new reports of the different products in Aranda Query Manager.
Scope of support ASC
Support Level
Time of Attention
Severity Case
Estimated Time
Technical Support Levels Definition: The levels of support attention are defined according to the type of attention required, the severity of the reported problem and the estimated time for the solution. For each case reported in ASC, a consecutive number will be assigned by means of which you will be able to make the respective follow-up.
1st level of support

Assistance provided by a support analyst via telephone, chat or email. At this level, the case is logged, the necessary information is gathered and an attempt is made to resolve the case using procedures or scripts; if necessary, the case is escalated to a second level support analyst.

2nd level of support

Assistance provided by a senior application or product support analyst who has internal communication with the other areas of the company and is in charge of follow-up. When cases arise that cannot be resolved by the ASC, or are related to software defects, they are transferred to the Development group for management.

NOTE: Depending on the case and complexity, remote access to the customer's equipment will be requested.
Support centre response time:
The time it takes for the Support Centre to contact the customer to establish initial contact on a case.
Response time:
The time a case takes from the date of registration to the date of care by the specialist.
Priority level
Response time
Solution time 1st level
Solution time 2nd level
Solution time 3rd level
P1. Critique
2 hours
6 hours
12 hours
P2. High
6 hours
14 hours
24 hours
P3. Media
10 hours
3 days
P4. Low
32 hours
12 days
* * Due to the complexity of the issues that Level 3 generally works with, resolution time guidelines are waived.
All cases created in the Aranda Support Center (ASC) will be assigned a Priority level. The priority level specifies the attention and solution time with which the case will be worked by the support centre if the case is not resolved on the first call. All service level standards and analysis are based on the priority assigned to each case.
The following guidelines are used by support analysts to determine the appropriate priority level for each issue received. The support centre is responsible for making the final decision on the priority level based on the information provided by the person who reported the case.
Priority level
P1. Critique
System Crash
When a major system outage or total system failure occurs
P2. High
Critical Suspension of the System
When there is a significant loss of system functionality
P3. Media
Single Function Failure
When a new development occurs that affects the normal course of business of the operation in a Controlled Manner
P4. Low
Minor Procedural Issue
. Configuration Questions
. Procedural or Operational Questions .
. Intermittent Problem Investigation
. Reprinting Current Reports
  • Before requesting technical support from ASC, you should verify that you have applied the latest updates published on
  • There must be a single technical contact at the client, who must be trained and certified by Aranda Software.
  • The service does not include support and maintenance of the database engines, these activities are the responsibility of the customer.
  • The customer is responsible for the supplied infrastructure such as up-to-date and supported software from the manufacturer and for ensuring the appropriate conditions for the operation of the products (network connections, opening of ports, etc.).
  • The service by Aranda Support Center will be provided only and exclusively to customers who have the support service active at the time it is requested.
  • The standard support service will be provided via telephone, chat, internet, email or remote access. On-site support is not included.
  • The standard support service does not include product reinstallations caused by damage to the client's infrastructure or server changes, nor does it include version migration. These services can be performed by Aranda Software as an additional service, the costs of which will be informed by the Aranda Software sales representative.
  • In no case will there be responsibility for external agents that affect the normal operation of Aranda Software solutions such as restrictions of security policies, antivirus, antispyware, operating system problems, database restrictions, among others.