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Mobile device management software

Our AEMM enterprise mobility management suite allows you to integrate advanced mobile device management, application management, content management, and mobile security functionality from a single platform.

general overview
Securely enable the use of devices, applications and content for your mobile workforce
Access anintegrated set of tools that simplify the management of mobile devices with the leading operating systems on the market (IOs, Android, Android for Work and Samsung Knox) from a unified web console.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Incorporate multiple devices simultaneously, through various methods that facilitate effective registration and provisioning.

View the total list of inventoried devices and filter your search by platform, device type, linking status, ownership type, among others. You can also view detailed information on each mobile device in your inventory:

Number, responsible user, assigned policy, assigned rules, agent profile and binding date.

Manufacturer, model, IMEI, model ID, internal storage, etc...
Software information (Operating system, agent version, OS version, Firmware etc...)
ICCID or SIM card identifier, wifi MAC, bluetooth MAC, roaming enabled, SIM card operator, etc.

Battery level and available storage

Execute remote management actions on your organisation's devices:

Access a list of all the events that have occurred on the mobile device, sorted by date of occurrence. This activity list shows the life cycle of the commands (sending, reception in the mobile and execution), as well as the registered events (sending of location, exit or entry of location, exit or entry of zones, disassociation, etc.).

Access the real-time location of the devices on a map with all the necessary navigation options and the navigation options and a record of the latest locations. In addition, from this same screen, send an audible alert command to alert command to locate the device within an office or other space. other enclosed closed.

Access the real-time location of the devices on a map with all the necessary navigation options and the navigation options and a record of the latest locations. In addition, from this same screen, send an audible alert command to alert command to locate the device within an office or other space. other enclosed closed.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Manage the lifecycle of mobile applications used on corporate or personal devices within your organisation remotely from a unified console.

Access the total list of applications installed on your company's mobile devices and install or uninstall internal or third-party applications simultaneously on all devices.

Securely distribute corporate applications to the devices your employees use. Plus manage updates and upgrades remotely.

Create a centralised application catalogue to simplify application administration and make it easier for end users to install the required applications from a single location.

Allow or restrict the use of applications and manage user compliance.

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Security management for mobile devices

Expenditure management and telecommunications

Kiosk Mode

The kiosk mode of Aranda Enterprise Mobility Management allows the IT administrator to exclusively enable on the devices the applications necessary for the development of the business and the correct use by the employees who make use of the devices.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

With Aranda Enterprise Mobility Management securely manage applications and corporate information shared on devices using separate environments (Android for work) within your organisation, while keeping the data and personal content of device owners protected.

Interactive dashboards

Through Aranda Enterprise Mobility Management's predefined dashboards, you can visually see the actual status of your device ecosystem:

outstanding functionalities

Visual and remote control (Android)

Perform remote support tasks faster by gaining control of the end user's mobile device as if it were in front of you or view its screen in real time directly.

Aranda Secure Web Browser

Configure a dedicated browser to meet corporate security requirements, limiting or restricting browsing to certain websites and preventing online threats.

Aranda Content Management

Facilitate the protection of your sensitive information in a corporate container and provide users with a centralised application for accessing these documents from their devices.


To further complement its functionality, our IT Asset Management Software integrates natively with our CMDB and Advanced Reporting solutions.

Learn about the full lifecycle of mobile devices

Establish connection with Aranda CMDB facilitating the automatic update of your configuration items, with the discovery or changes detected in the inventories of the devices from Aranda EMM.

Access information related to the complete lifecycle of your mobile assets, such as the entry of the device to the company, manufacturer, supplier, invoices and contracts, warranties, maintenance, responsible users, history of changes, among others.

Large companies in Latin America already manage their mobile devices with our product:
Why Aranda Enterprise Mobility Management?

Unified web console

Integrated and centralised suite on a 100% web-based platform, with no need to install a console on the computer.

OnPremise/Cloud Mode

Installation according to the infrastructure needs and advantages of each modality for the organisation.

Agile implementation

Simple device pairing process without the need for prior configuration on the cell phone.

Design and usability

100% intuitive interface, easy configuration, fast loading and user friendly for any type of user.

Local support in Spanish

Specialised and certified support team certified in the tool with presence in Latin Latin America.

Aranda Query Manager included

Advanced reporting solution and customisable dashboard, included in any ADM package licence.

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