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Field Service Management Software

Centrally monitor work orders, inventory and personnel, reducing the costs of your mobile operation.
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Always have the right specialist available to attend a field service.

Control the lifecycle of the service orders your organization handles and manage services in their entirety from the request process through execution and closure.


Optimize time and resources, increase productivity

Aranda Field Service is a field personnel management solution, which allows you to increase the productivity of your company thanks to an optimal management of service requests with a timely response from a field specialist, which translates into the provision of an efficient customer service and a considerable cost reduction.

Improve your customers' experience

Automatically assign a person in charge in the field, know the characteristics of the case in process from a mobile device, verify the spare parts or configuration elements necessary to provide the required assistance and effectively solve the work order.

Facilitate the work of your field specialists

The mobile application is a vital tool for the field specialist's work. Through it, he will know in detail what is the service to be performed in the work order and will have available the necessary information to execute it. The field staff only needs a smartphone (with Android or iOS operating system) to access the application and find the work orders to be executed and in the established route.

Manage your different processes through a single console

Work orders

Create work orders as the customer requests them. A work order represents a commitment to deliver a service to a particular customer according to levels established for the company or customer requesting the service.


In this module it is possible to visualize a graph of capacity versus actual work, with a set of additional filters, which will allow the monitor to make business decisions regarding work order attention behavior.


The inventory module, which allows to relate parts to locations. Spare parts can be kept in the company's warehouses, can be delivered to specialists, or can be released for damage or delivery to customers.


The tool has a set of 6 preconfigured reports that provide information on work orders, costs, service trends, compliance and information from field specialists.


The monitor will have a visible notification on the screen when service level agreements are not met to a customer on a work order.

Native integrations

To further complement its functionality, our IT Asset Management Software integrates natively with our CMDB and Advanced Reporting solutions.

Why Aranda Fiel Service?

Unified web console

Integrated and centralized suite on a 100% web platform, without the need to install a console on the computer.

OnPremise/Cloud Mode

Installation according to the infrastructure needs and advantages of each modality for the organization.

Agile implementation

Simple device pairing process without the need for prior configuration on the cell phone.

Design and usability

100% intuitive interface, easy configuration, fast loading and user friendly for any type of user.

Local support in Spanish

Specialized and certified support team certified in the tool with presence in presence in Latin Latin America.

Aranda Query Manager included

Remote connection and support is encrypted and unimpeded by routers, firewalls, proxies or NATs.

Large companies in the region rely on our product:

"Aranda Field Service has helped us to have a better assignment of cases, generate more optimal routes, control the issue of inventories, time compliance and more timely follow-up with each of the specialists in the field."

Ricardo Alba, Redeban Commercial Manager

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