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Dashboards and Reports reports

Make business decisions with information obtained in real time on the management of the different processes of your company, through the indicators and statistics from Aranda Software products.

general overview
Maximise the value of data and improve the analysis of information focused on your needs.

Timely and well-informed decisions on IT management and other business processes are possible thanks to the ease of consultation and understanding of the graphs and reports that Aranda Query Manager offers.


Dashboard Management

From a single dashboard, get real-time metrics or KPIs required by the organisation, while facilitating the selection of relevant data and indicators for analysis and intelligent business decision making. Thanks to the built-in Drill Down function, visualise data at a greater level of detail, without the need to navigate or exit a report or visualisation.

Report Management

Generate and manage consolidated reports with information highlighting your business processes in Aranda Software tools, and schedule automated sending of these reports, via email, to users without access to the platform.

outstanding capabilities

User management

Easily manage the configuration and access to the console, with the creation of users, groups and roles, assigning permissions according to established profiles and criteria.

Object filter

Hide sensitive information from your database and facilitate the exclusive consultation of data that offers added value in terms of business insight.

Reporting as an alert

Automate alerts by scheduling reports to be sent out only when they contain new business-relevant data.

Machine translation

Translate your reports without leaving the tool and offer multi-language report consultation for your users.

QR reporting

Before mailing a report you will be able to scan and share it, just by accessing a mobile phone and a QR code reader.


Use the templates to give a unified format to your reports, customising the colour palette according to your corporate branding.


Get more out of the functionalities of Aranda CMDB, acquiring different Aranda Software solutions that facilitate the management of your resources.

Real-time monitoring of your processes

Customise your dashboards to visualise case behaviour online on a day-to-day basis, identifying peaks and segmenting by date.

Access reports that allow you to identify first-hand the percentage of compliance for both response and resolution times.

Why Aranda Query Manager?

Centralised management

Manage information from all your Aranda solutions from a centralised console.

Web console

Integrated and centralised suite on a 100% web-based platform, with no need to install a console on the computer.

OnPremise / Cloud

Installation according to the infrastructure needs and advantages of each modality for the organisation.


100% intuitive interface, easy configuration, fast loading and user-friendly design for any type of user.

Local support in Spanish

Specialised and certified support team certified in the tool with presence in Latin Latin America.

Ongoing training

Ongoing training with experts to get the most out of the tool.

Large companies in Latin America trust in our product:
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