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Remote control and support software

Offer the best technical assistance with remote support for your customers, in real time and from anywhere in the world.

general overview
Deliver more timely solutions with real-time remote technical support

Regardless of the location, connection type or network where users are located, Aranda Virtual Support's powerful remote control solution will enable you to provide effective responses to your customers' device issues.


Remote control

Establish a remote control connection via the internet to one or multiple workstations (Windows, Linux or Mac systems) within seconds and execute the necessary troubleshooting actions.

Integrated collaboration tools

Make it easy for your support specialists to interact with end users or other specialists to resolve issues through integrated chat. Also, transfer sessions from one specialist to another so that they can continue the support process without interruption. 

File transfer

With the specialist's console, transfer files securely to and from users' devices, regardless of file type, size or extension, thus avoiding the use of external software.

Why Aranda Virtual Support?

Increased security

Remote connection and support is encrypted and unimpeded by routers, firewalls, proxies or NATs.

Improved performance

To optimise bandwidth usage during slow connections, colour and screen resolution reduction of the client device is enabled.

More flexibility

It allows attended and unattended access by specialists, with the option for the user to run the software without first installing it.

Agile implementation

Install and configure quickly and easily into your existing infrastructure, without requiring a robust amount of space.

Access to inventories

View and export the list of inventories generated before and during the remote session on your users' workstations.

Summary of sessions

Save the history of actions performed during the remote control session and record them for auditing and knowledge guide purposes.

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