Cavipetrol Secures its Technological Infrastructure

Cavipetrol is the entity in charge of providing services to employees and pensioners of state oil company Ecopetrol – the largest company in Colombia.

The Corporation, created in 1962, is a private non-profit law firm with more than 12,000 clients, of whom 60% are retired from the Colombian Petroleum Company and 40% are active workers.


Cavipetrol has its main headquarters in Bogota and has 12 branches distributed throughout the country, which have 260 workstations and 220 corresponding users.

This entity maintained minimum controls (more than sufficient) for the File management on removable devices, and Wi-Fi connections.

«Audit reports were carried out with different security tools and it was proposed to comply with the regulations of the sector, in particular by Circular 052 of the Financial Superintendence; However, we did not have the guarantee of being 100 percent protected, which made us invest more time in monitoring for policy compliance and prevention against computer attacks «: Jairo Bravo, Director of Technology and Computer Science and Operations of Cavipetrol.


The protection of the computer resources of an organization depends not only on a solution, but on the ability to structure and integrate different tools in a way that covers all the security requirements.

Cavipetrol currently has several solutions from Aranda Software to manage its technological infrastructure. In spite of being able to control the computer resources, it had not been able to protect totally the critical information of the corporation neither the use to the interior, nor the external attacks (like viruses, Trojans, expiatory actions, among others). That is, this Entity needed to strengthen the computer security model to ensure better performance, through the reliable protection of computing resources.

For this reason, Aranda 360 End Point Security was implemented as a complement to the entire structure (policies and processes) that were already in the organization, and black rules and lists have been added that the other tools are not available. In this way Cavipetrol, has formed an entire security complex that has worked and was facilitated thanks to the compatibility of A360 with the rest of solutions.


«Aranda has always had qualified personnel in the solutions offered. The implementation process of Aranda 360 was always supported by an external consultant specializing in this solution, which offered us not only quality in its service but ideas that allowed us to use the tool best to obtain optimal results. “The Director of Technology and Informatics of Cavipetrol.

Cavipetrol now has complete control over the different removable storage devices, such as USB, digital cameras, MP3 players or removable disks, controlling their access by access policies or prohibitions.


This Entity has been able to reinforce the security policies with which it counts and to fulfill the objectives proposed in the beginning of the implementation of Aranda 360, thanks to the reports generated in the monitoring log of the agents.

In this corporation, we have now configured filters for network communications, blocking extensions that are classified as high risk in virus propagation and that additionally use high machine resources (lowering their performance).

Cavipetrol now has the facility to protect computers from potential memory overflows caused by Trojans and from intruder-based restarts. In addition, it has alerts on the excessive use of the CPU and in this way, take proactive measures. «Day by day, computer threats have increased and spread more and more rapidly, generating attacks that have as main objective the subtraction of money and confidential information, which are critical values ​​for organizations such as ours. For this reason, strengthening IT security tools such as Aranda 360 Endpoint Security helps us ensure better performance by reliably protecting IT resources, primarily information, “Jairo Bravo said.

Reliable protection of computer resources

Filter configuration for network communications

Total control on removable storage devices

  • "Cavipetrol currently has a large suite of solutions from Aranda that has allowed it to manage and develop good IT management practices. These solutions have been characterized mainly by being solid with scalable architectures and easy to use, which has become a key point in evaluating the products that are implemented in the Corporation."

    Jairo Bravo Director of Technology and Informatics and Operations of Cavipetrol

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