IT Infrastructure Management, Colombina

Colombina is a brand that does not need presentation, as a leading company in the industry at national and international level, positioned in the market with the best reputation and the most successful products, exported to more than 49 countries

It is the example of an organization that decided to manage its IT infrastructure of more than 30 national and international sites, 1,500 workstations, 2,500 users, 700 PDAs, and 200 mobile devices, with Aranda Software solutions.

Colombina has implemented different solutions such as Aranda Asset Management, Aranda Service Desk and Aranda Software Metrix that have enabled it to carry out the organization’s software inventories in an automatic, remote and unattended manner, to keep updated and controlled the licensing and use of the software with more than 4,000 records found in the different workstations and have a service desk that can manage and respond to more than 3,000 monthly incidents.

After defining the scope of the project to review and document ETCE processes, Aranda Service Desk was implemented as the most convenient tool for the support process, for its 9 processes certified in ITIL by PinkVerify 2011, for the previous experience with our Asset Management solution and for the easy integration of the new service with a solid CMDB like Aranda.

Después de definir el alcance del proyecto al revisar y documentar los procesos de ETCE, se implementó Aranda Service Desk, como la herramienta más conveniente para el proceso de soporte, por sus 9 procesos certificados en ITIL por PinkVerify 2011, por la previa experiencia con nuestra solución Asset Management y por la fácil integración del nuevo servicio con una CMDB sólida como la de Aranda.

1,500 stations
Of work

Of 2,500

Answer to
3,000 incidents

  • "I recommend the solutions of Aranda Software, for having a good cost-benefit ratio, for being a Colombian company and for having a permanent and timely support."

    Andrés Felipe Chacón Engineer of the Infrastructure Department of Colombina

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