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Compensar is an entity framed in the field of Social Security in Colombia, whose purpose is to be a provider of welfare for people, families and companies.

Compensar has several offices distributed in different areas of Bogota and some cities in Cundinamarca. In each of them there is a control of technological assets.


The monitoring group did not have the necessary knowledge to use 100% the tool that had implemented this Entity: Aranda Asset Management. «We had problems with seeing the precise data in the console, because when we verified the information did not match. Everything was because the configuration of the Agent was not correct and we did not know «: Christian Sierra, member of the Group Monitoring Process Corporate Risk Management and Control of Compensar.


Compensar wanted to boost the use of Aranda Asset Management. It was then that Christian Sierra, a member of the Monitoring Group Corporate Risk Management and Control of Compensar, and who manages the tools of Aranda Software decided to take the certification course of Installation and Configuration of Aranda Asset Management, through our platform Virtual Aranda E-learning.

Christian Sierra started the course in October and progressed, practicing 6 hours a day in the virtual environment that he installed in his team. «Aranda gave me all the necessary resources to learn and practice easy: manuals, installers, explanatory videos, in general these tools were very useful to me to master the solution. The course is very complete, «said Christian.


The course was approved level after level, after presenting the corresponding exams. After passing the final test, Christian obtained the certification, which recognizes him in the installation and configuration of Aranda Asset management.

«The advantage of this course is the possibility of having everything within reach and thus minimize study times. Also, the response time of the tutorial to any questions that I was presented, is very fast. On the other hand, one of the things that helped me better understand what was to be done were the explanatory videos of the lesson: I read, watched the video to fully understand some steps, practiced in the virtual environment that I installed On my computer and read the manuals in my house; So I was able to understand everything and certify myself, «revealed the member of the Group Monitoring Process Corporate Risk Management and Control of Compensar.


«Thanks to this course of Aranda E-Learning I was able to parameterize the tool without investing much time, nor resources in learning how to do it»: Christian Sierra

After having taken and approved the course of Aranda E-Learning, in Compensar you now have the knowledge about what each module or component does and thus resolve prompt and prompt questions or inconveniences of use. Likewise, the technology area has been able to take more advantage of the tool, exploiting its use and taking it to 100% to achieve better IT management.

«One of the best benefits we got was the debugging of the database, since we did not know about it here. It should also be noted that we have significantly decreased the duplicate machines in our inventory, having real information about the equipment, which has been reflected in the optimization of our audit work, «said Christian Sierra+

of the

Decrease of the inventario
duplicated machines

Effective learning tools:
manuals, installers,
explanatory videos

  • "The course is very easy to understand and explains the necessary and concrete points, so that someone does not have previous knowledge about the tool, can understand without complications how it is installed and configured, thanks to which is described step by step and is provided the understanding and application of it ".

    Christian Sierra Member of the Monitoring Group of the Process Corporate Risk Management and Control of Compensar

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