IT Services Center, Editorial Casa El Tiempo

The IT Services Center of Editorial Time House, uses Aranda Service Desk to have a single point of contact in incident management and technology support requirements

Casa Editorial el Tiempo is a Colombian company of media, content and opinion. It has several newspapers of prestige and national importance as El Tiempo, which presents topics of general interest and the daily Portafolio, focused on economic and business issues; Additional, it has the Channels City TV and EL TIEMPO Television coverage of local and national and the most prestigious information portals of Colombia as ELTIEMPO.COM, CarroYa, Metrocuadrado.com and Elempleo.com among others.


It was necessary to create a single point of contact in the first level support for the end user and at the same time launch a service table that was aligned with ITIL practices, in order to have greater control over the support cases, To achieve adequate follow-up, to identify how many cases are taken care of, what the users are asking for, what type of service is the one that has the most demand. In addition, having support for separate areas, it was vital to centralize everything in a single point of contact and generate reports and reports that will help define strategies and objectives to follow.


After having made a Benchmark of the different options of Service Desk tools in the market, it was possible to see the Aranda tool live in some of its installed base customers, which allowed a deeper analysis of the functionalities of the solution, in addition to this, within the company already had an inventory management solution Aranda (Asset Management). Once this study was done and the cost comparison was achieved, a more accurate decision could be taken and adjusted to the needs of the Publishing House El Tiempo.


After defining the scope of the project to review and document ETCE processes, Aranda Service Desk was implemented as the most convenient tool for the support process, for its 9 processes certified in ITIL by PinkVerify 2011, for the previous experience with our Asset Management solution and for the easy integration of the new service with a solid CMDB like Aranda.


With Aranda Service Desk implemented, now the users of the Publishing House El Tiempo have two channels of communication with the support team (configured as an IT service center), they can have contact both via telephone and via web, all supported by procedures Registration, attention, escalation and solution of cases within the first and second level support team in office automation, infrastructure, telecommunications and end user services.

Taking advantage of the joint functionality of Aranda’s tools, allowed the reduction of costs and support times of the national and local headquarters in Bogotá, different from the main headquarters. The decrease in support costs was 80%. It was achieved a total standardization in the support processes, a better attention and responsiveness that is now perceived by users in their interaction with specialists.

The main benefit that was perceived was a single point of contact for the management of incidents and the requirements of support in technology, the registration and centralized management of support cases through a tool that offers different alternatives of monitoring, reporting and analysis of information. There was also a significant cultural change in the end users, related to the procedure of reporting and attention to their support cases.

Now with ASDK you have full access to the available information and functions of the tool such as requirements, incidents, problems and changes; With Aranda solutions automated routine tasks and self-service access has been provided. With the functionalities of the service desk accelerating all processes has been able to customize the tool with the required changes and achieve a favorable adaptation to the business model.

Of A Single Point
Of Contact

Best Attention
And Response


In Support

  • "Our previous experience with Aranda Software gave us the confidence to implement new solutions, its products have met our expectations and now we have been able to consolidate a single point of contact to manage all the requirements that we had as a company."

    Hector Mauricio Angel Beltrán Leader IT Services Center and end user support. El Tiempo Casa Editorial

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