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The Credit Bank Helm Financial Services is a private financial institution with more than 45 years of experience in Colombia and abroad

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The Credit Bank has 70 branches distributed in the main cities of the country, in which they have 2,100 users and more than 2,500 workstations. Previously the inventory in the Bank was collected manually every three months, so the update status was practically nil.

«An inventory collected manually every three months for 2,000 – 2,500 machines is useless, management cannot be done that way» Gabriel Velásquez, Production Management Leader of The Credit Bank.

Likewise, this Banking Entity had a help desk that did not meet its needs to achieve an effective management of IT infrastructure.


«We had a very good help desk tool, but the time came when the volume of the bank needed another type of scope for the cases that were reported; We did not have a tool that would allow us to implement ITIL methodologies or processes, «Velásquez explained. The Credit Bank needed to organize its processes. Aranda was selected for the tool’s structure, scope, deployment speed and costs


Initially the Credit Bank had less than a thousand workstations, but gradually the number of computers, as well as of users was growing, reason why the manual and sporadic inventory was dysfunctional. So we implemented Aranda Asset Management, so that the Agent is in charge of collecting the hardware and software information of each of the workstations.

As computers and users increased, so did the number of support requests, so a simple help desk did not

Allowed to manage the support of agile form. It was for this reason that Aranda Service Desk was implemented, allowing to manage the support processes in an organized way with an established workflow so that in a standardized way the IT support of the Bank is managed.

«Although there was some resistance to the new processes, we now see a radically positive change; We understood then that a good table of services must be well prepared and we have to organize very well our processes to offer support of good quality, «said Velasquez.


The Credit Bank managed to keep up to date the hardware and software information of its 2,500 workstations, so that decisions regarding technology budgets have now become more agile. This bank institution managed to reduce the response times of the requests for support, through the Aranda Service Desk. Thanks to the integration between Aranda Asset Management and Aranda Service Desk, The Credit Bank managed not only to optimize support times but also to proactively manage IT support. «Comparing the response times before and after Aranda, we see a substantial improvement. The Bank considers that the tool has helped to improve the support processes, since it offers all the facilities to be able to manage the support in an effective way «, commented the Production Management Leader of the Bank of Credit.

Update of hardware and software at 2.500 workstations

Reduction in response times to support requests


  • "We chose Aranda because of the structure of the tool, the scope that Aranda had, the speed of implementation, the costs and mainly because the tool adapted to the needs of the Bank."

    Gabriel Velásquez Leader Production Management of The Credit Bank

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