Redeban Multicolor Automates IT Service Management

Redeban Multicolor S.A is licensed by the MasterCard franchise as an acquiring member in Colombia

This means that it has under its responsibility, the administration of a network of over 60,000 affiliated establishments that today accept MasterCard and debit cards as a means of payment.

Redeban Multicolor S.A. Facilitates the technological and operative platform for the acceptance of the products and services of the franchise and supports the issuing entities in the operation of the same (affiliation, authorizations, exchange and compensation).


Redeban Multicolor S.A. facilita la plataforma tecnológica y operativa para la aceptación de los productos y servicios de la franquicia y apoya a las entidades emisoras en la operación de los mismos (afiliación, autorizaciones, intercambio y compensación). Esto hacía que no se contara con una base de conocimientos de los requerimientos frecuentes y para resolver cada caso, era necesario empezar casi desde cero a investigar la solución correspondiente.

“Se utilizaba una herramienta interna para el registro del 60 por ciento de los casos, y el otro 40 por ciento, se hacía de manera manual, sin registrarse en herramienta alguna”, afirmó Echeverry


Redeban Multicolor S.A. Needed a table of services from a provider with local presence, because it was necessary to make some adjustments to the tool in order to match the requirements of the organization. It was thus that this company gave the trust to Aranda and decided to implement Aranda Service Desk, to register the cases and classify them according to the service (pre-cases, incidents, changes and problems).


In principle the solution was installed according to the official version of the same. But to the extent that Redeban Multicolor S.A. Was presenting additional requirements of functionality and technical compatibility, were included in the product.

«The solution required some peculiarities that we needed the local distributor to fulfill; when doing so with a global provider, those settings would probably not develop because it is a standard package. We needed a local supplier to make some adjustments to fit the functionality of our tool, «said the manager


With Aranda Service Desk, managed to strictly follow the requests for support made. Now this process is done automatically, generating reminders and doing the corresponding escalations. In this way the registration, monitoring and control of these procedures has been optimized.

This company expedited the response times for each case registered. The support center of this organization established a time limit to respond and to solve the cases generated, thanks to the control of agreements of levels of service (SLAs). «This tool has allowed us to bring to life recurring situations that now, with the generation of Aranda statistics, can be clearly seen,» said Valentin Echeverry.

With Aranda Service Desk, Redeban Multicolor SA not only automated the registration of cases, but also began to efficiently monitor the support service, response times and the state of IT infrastructure, benefiting a large number of Users.

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Agility in response times for each case registered

Generation of statistics of recurrent situations

  • "With Aranda Service Desk we have managed to cover almost 100 percent of the registry of all cases that come to our support center, whether internal or external, which has given us the possibility of forming a broad knowledge base to resolve quickly The most recurrent cases of day-to-day, guarantee the levels of service committed to their care and eliminate cyclical problems.”

    Valentín Echeverry Vice President of Technology at Redeban Multicolor

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