The Technical University of Loja UTPL

UTPL implemented several processes of Aranda Service Desk to improve the management of technological requirements through its different service channels

Known as the Catholic University of Loja, it is an autonomous institution, with social and public purpose, being able to teach, develop research with scientific-administrative freedom, and participate in the country’s development plans; Grant, recognize and revalidate academic degrees and professional degrees; And in general, to carry out the activities proper to the achievement of its aims. The UTPL is characterized and recognized by a culture of quality and institutional excellence, supported by its human talent.


The UTPL constantly focuses on strengthening the attention of users through the Technology Services Board, incorporating indicators that provide timely technical support to the end users of the university; Thus optimizing the provision of technology services.


In an initial phase, a diagnosis was made of the university’s solution, which made it possible to define explicitly the required functionalities, on the basis of which the different solutions of the Service Desk offered by the manufacturers were evaluated. the market. Given the possibility of Aranda, which allowed to see a demonstration in production of the solution (Aranda Software) had the opportunity to know closely the advantages offered by the website and its corresponding functionalities.

Some key factors to have made the decision by Aranda Service Desk were:

  • Front web for registration of requirements.
  • Access to self-service is very flexible.
  • Integration with other systems.
  • Free customization of reports.
  • Support within the region.
  • Management of mail trays through a connector.
  • Tool certified by Pink VERIFY 2011.
  • Easy parameterization, customization and flexibility to adjust with our processes.


The UTPL decided to develop the implementation of Aranda Service Desk, with the aim of improving the management and control of requirements through the different channels of attention and communication such as: telephone calls, emails and personalized attention; Including a web portal. Also, one of the objectives was to obtain indicators that allow a quick and effective decision making, for this Aranda offers a control panel that allows monitoring and obtain metrics in real time, showing tendencies of the services rendered and aligning them With our purpose of quality through the continuous improvement of the service.

In spite of being the first solution acquired so far; With Aranda Software, has had a very good opening in terms of observations that have been made from the technical side, there has also been excellent support in place prior to the production start of the solution, and there has been an accompaniment Of the engineers assigned to the projects.


Decrease in internal allocation time of cases, which is reflected in the improvement of the response time for the end user that is a priority for the organization.

Making the most of all the functionalities of the implemented solution; Was analyzed, configured and installed, the second table of administrative services to provide benefits and contribute to the continued growth of the University; The services offered with this administrative table are: student transportation, acquisition of fixed assets, maintenance of parks and gardens, building adjustments, security, cleaning and car park

Decrease in internal
allocation time
Of the cases

Tool certified
by pink
verify 2011

Obtaining indicators that allowed a quick and effective decision-making

  • "The implementation of Aranda Software's solution covered expectations according to the requirements set forth at the beginning of the project, and the company has demonstrated flexibility in adjusting the solution based on observations made during the startup and stabilization, which have Been identified by key people within the technology team and the University what is considered, is an important added value. "

    Ing. María Augusta Jimbo Granda / Ing. Janeth Marilú Alba Núñez Operations and Technical Support. Private Technical University of Loja UTPL

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