Reduce the amount of calls waiting to the service desk

Canalize the incoming support service calls Into an organized response and actions flow through a technologic telephony platform( with SIP protocol), which through scheduled voice recording, serves as an intermediary and guides the user in the incidents registration processes, service requirements or changes on the service desk.

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Special features

Telephone plant:

This platform acts as the bridge of interaction between the client and Aranda IVR.

Licensing Schemes:

This module is licensed by voice over IP telephone system, using the SIP protocol.

  • Reduces the amount of calls waiting to the Service Desk.
  • Handles dynamic flows that fit the needs of the business.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • Integration with Aranda Service Desk.
  • Promote the capability and improvement of the service.

Customer Service: Aranda IVR facilitates the registration of cases on the Service Desk. Through a telephone call and through a dynamic flow of options, the user can enter a new case, without depending exclusively on the availability and response times of the specialists.

In order to avoid losing the customer’s attention and provide support to a case, Aranda IVR has a telephone platform, always available, that simultaneously handles multiple calls, according to the number of lines defined in the service configuration, achieving a permanent management of the cases registered in the Service Desk.

Call Flow: Organize and define a dynamic flow of actions, to automatically process the customer’s requirements and concerns. The IVR administrator can generate a tree with the corresponding actions to the flow that will guide the client in the report of a case or redirecting his telephone call to another area of the company.

Automatic Case Registration: Integration with Aranda Service Desk allows faster logging of requests, incidents, service requirements and changes to the Service Desk.

System requirements

On the server

Operating System Windows 2003 R2 or Higher of 32 and 64 bits

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Complement the AIVR functionalities, acquiring different solutions of Aranda that facilitate the management of your resources:

Our service desk solution allows to manage and respond to the requests, service requirements, incidents and changes reducing support costs by integrating with the IVR platform, achieving greater coverage when responding to the requirements generated by the client.

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