Self Service

Encourage self-service in the end user providing
support immediately and at any time

Share knowledge with all your users through our solution in a knowledge base that improves the responsiveness and management of your organization. Have all the information available to solve a case without having to go to the service desk, promoting self-management and reducing attention times.

Specialized articles, frequently asked questions, solutions to problems and centralized workarounds in a knowledge base always available. Offer the end user a repository of technical or functional information for the management and effective solution of cases, from a web console consultation available 24 hours, 365 days a year raising the quality of service processes and support of your business.

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Special features

Best IT Practices:

Aranda Self Service has ITIL Compatible certification by PinkElephant, manages the Knowledge Management process and thanks to the integration with Aranda Service Desk, is certified in the PinKVERIFY Service Support Enhanced category, complying with five of the processes according to best IT practices.


Manage multiple projects from the same console, using a database and a single server, so that the system administrators can manage different processes in your organization for all of your customers.

Unified Authentication:

The integration of Aranda Service Desk authentication systems with LDAP (Active Directory) offers the user a secure and unified authentication service to access to the Service Desk.

Web Service:

Get fast and secure integration between different platforms and programs.

Licensing Schemes:

There are two types of licensing for the use of Aranda Self Service:

Concurrent: This scheme is administered according to the availability of licenses acquired and the access of specialists to the application, depends on the release of each license for a new income.
Named: This scheme grants a personalized and unique license with the basic data of the specialist that enters the console at any time.

  • Reduction of requests and support times at the service desk.
  • Improve the quality of service and support processes.
  • Immediate response to the most common problems or questions that occurs with your infrastructure at a low cost.
  • Access to information online in an easy and timely manner.
  • Encourage self-service in the end user providing support immediately and at any time
  • The information of its infrastructure is organized, centralizing the documentation and keeping it available and updated at all times.
  • Support technicians and end users have access to a broad and centralized base of useful technical information.
  • Online knowledge base available to your customers: 24 hours, 365 days a year.
  • Control the flow of life of your articles and define a public or private role to be able to consult this information through a configuration manager.

Publication and Documents Query: Publish and carry out simple searches of the information necessary to provide initial support to the user; Include solutions and useful documentation to resolve any concerns in the use of applications.

Classification of Solutions: Organize and classify the information generated by projects and categories; Get statistics on the items most requested and used by users.

Customization of Solutions: Group the solutions according to the needs of each client and generate the appropriate responses to the requests of information generated for each organization or work group.

Solution Qualification: Update the information and documents defined in the knowledge base taking into account the feedback generated by the user, based on the criteria of the qualification of the solutions and the recording of comments. You can also check the statistics associated with the most requested and best classified information.

Web Access: Specialists, supervisors, administrators and end users have access to a web console, without time limitations to file incidents, service calls, consult and follow up on information related to any case generated, without taking time to consult the Service Desk.

Profiles: Generate actions aimed at managing the solution, creating work groups, user profiles and assigning the permissions to enter the different functionalities of Aranda Software

Reports:  Get to know the information generated by the Service Desk on the status of cases, response time, performance of specialists, indicators, among others. And obtain the data of its technological resources through detailed reports. Through the web console access predefined report information from anywhere and permanently; Prepare personalized reports, consult and schedule the delivery of these automatically.

Define Rules: Define conditions automatically by generating effective actions by sending emails, triggering alarms or routing cases, keeping specialists and end users informed about the progress of cases.

External Knowledge: Take advantage of information generated and published in different web environments, linking the contents from another knowledge database and importing xml or xls documents to the Aranda Self Service database

System Requirements

On the server

Processor Intel Xeon processor 3 Ghz or higher
MemorY 2 GB
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2003 Server or higher. 32 and 64 bits. Internet Information Services 6.0 or higher Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Free space on DD 4 GB CD-ROM or access to one over the network.


No. de CI Intel Xeon IC 3 Ghz or higher 2501 and above
SQL Database Engine MMS SQL 2005/2008, Oracle 10g MS SQL 2005/2008, Oracle 10g

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Complement the ASLFS functionalities, acquiring different solutions of Aranda that facilitates the resources management.

Our solution for the management of processes and support services, Aranda SERVICE DESK, allows to manage and respond to service calls, incidents and problems, reducing support costs, when integrates with Aranda Self Service (SLFS) and allowing to convert the knowledge base articles on service calls or changes.

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