Service Desk Express

The solution for process management and support services

Optimize times and resources, increase your productivity
and service levels.

Aranda Service Desk Express is a multiproject tool that allows you to manage different processes of your business through a single console and support different types of cases such as: Petitions, incidents, knowledge and asset management and configuration.

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Special features

Best IT Practices:

Aranda Service Desk Express is ITIL Certified by PinkElephant for 12 processes and manages the following IT Best Practice processes:

  • Incident Management.
  • Request Fulfillment.
  • Service Asset & Configuration Management.
  • Knowledge Management.


Manage multiple projects from the same console, using a database and a single server, so that the system administrators can manage different processes in your organization for all of your customers.

Unified Authentication:

The integration of Aranda Service Desk authentication systems with LDAP (Active Directory) offers the user a secure and unified authentication service to access to the Service Desk.

Web Service:

Get fast and secure integration between different platforms and programs.

Licensing Schemes:

There are two types of licensing for the use of Aranda Service Desk:
Concurrent: This scheme is administered according to the availability of licenses acquired and the access of specialists to the application, depends on the release of each license for a new income.
Named: This scheme grants a personalized and unique license with the basic data of the specialist that enters the console at any time.

  • Management and control of requests to the Service Desk.
  • Organization and control in the provision of services.
  • Complete information for each case.
  • Continuous monitoring of cases and associated assets.
  • Easy integration with other tools.
  • Access to web console for case tracking.
  • Implementation of ITIL best practices.
  • Effective solution to problems.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Specialized and permanent assistance.
  • Increased levels of service and support to internal customers.
  • Instant reduction of support costs.
  • Reduction of technical assistance and service costs.
  • Protecting investment in technological infrastructure generating high profitability.
  • Decreation in response times to users.
  • PinkElephant Certification, in twelve ITIL processes 2011 Edition.

Incident Management: Register and control all incidents that occur, restoring normal operation and minimizing the impact that these produce on the business.

Aranda Service Desk will allow you to process the incidents properly documented, with information about the end user, the specialist, applications involved, actions taken, among others.

Request Fullfilment: Manage requests for information and standard changes, in a practical and immediate way with the support of the Service Desk and the effective use of the knowledge database.

Case Creator: Streamline the contact process and response times of the Service Desk, using email as an alternative to generate cases automatically and obtain information related to the case and their respective storage.

Web Access: Specialists, supervisors, administrators and end users have access to a web console, without time limitations to file incidents, service calls, consult and follow up on information related to any case generated, without taking time to consult the Service Desk.

Scripts: Obtain the necessary information when registering a case or service call through the use and elaboration of scripts.

Aranda Service Desk Mobile: Manage cases from your mobile device, establish permanent connection with the Service Desk. Specialists and end users will be able to create cases and view information related to them, track their progress, allow them to consult, create and edit incidents and service calls.

Knowledge Base: The user has permanent access to an information and knowledge center to easily solve many of the support concerns, without going to the Service Desk so that he can consult frequently asked questions, workarounds and solutions, among others.

Banners and News: Report to the user from the web console on the most important eventualities of the infrastructure, through messages such as: Warning alert, technical failure, warning, among others.

Define Rules: Define conditions automatically by generating effective actions by sending emails, triggering alarms or routing cases, keeping specialists and end users informed about the progress of cases.

Satisfaction Survey: Get to know the degree of satisfaction of the end user at the conclusion of a case, achieving effective feedback and a real perception to make correct decisions and raise the service quality.

Reports: Get to know the information generated by the Service Desk on the status of cases, response time, performance of specialists, indicators, among others. And obtain the data of its technological resources through detailed reports. Through the web console access predefined report information from anywhere and permanently; Prepare personalized reports, consult and schedule the delivery of these automatically.

System Requirements

On the server

Processor Intel Xeon Processor of 3 GHz or higher
Memory 8 GB minimum
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2008 Server 64-bit or higher.

Compatibility with Internet Information Services 6.0. Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.0

Free space on DD
for the installation
4 GB CD-ROM trough installation or access to one network

On the stations

Processor Intel Core 2.6 Ghz
Memory 2 GB or more
Operating System Windows 7 Professional or higuer with the latest service pack released from the manufacturer
Free space on DD
for the installation
4 GB CD-ROM trough installation or access to one network


Processor Server processor required depending on hardware manufacturer, for Intel platform the Xeon processors are recommended
Memory 8GB or higher
Database Engines • SQL Server: Windows 2008 Server or higher.

• Oracle: Windows 2000 Server or higher, Unix systems (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Compaq True-64)

** Initially it requires 2 GB allocated exclusively to the database engine (to support the SDB and the first 100 connections to ASDK) and for every 100 additional Aranda Service Desk connections, it´s necessary to have 1 GB more.

Aranda Service Desk Web Edition Requirements.

On the server:

· Compatibility with Internet Information Services 6.0.
· Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.0

Aranda Service Desk Mobile:
This Service Is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Aranda Service Desk Mobile

Our Service Desk now with all the advantages of a mobile application


Complement the ASDK functionalities, acquiring different solutions of Aranda that facilitate the management of your resources:

The integration with Aranda CMDB (Configuration Management Database), allows to associate configuration Items, related to support procceses, to incidents and service calls.
Integration with Aranda Dashboard allows access to a graphical interface to display the indicators of support processes, such as service calls, incidents and problems, improving the management of the Service Desk.
Permite el control y administración remota de sus estaciones de trabajo para agilizar el soporte y reducir considerablemente los tiempos de respuesta al integrarse con Aranda Service Desk

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