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Pink Verify® Certification

We obtained the certification of PinkVERIFY™ 2011 in 11 processes for Aranda Service Desk V8. Thus, continue to demonstrate our commitment to offer tools aligned with industry best practices.


Tech Day Tour

We begin the Tour Tech Day Tour, the principal tour technology of Central America and the Dominican Republic. Event that brings together IT experts and professionals experts and IT professionals around the latest corporate technology news.

Costa Rica - May 10 - Convention Center:
We had our firstour first meeting on the tour of Tech Day tour which tookó aCosta Rica Convention Center, where we were sharing IT solutions that drive IT solutions that drive the transdigital training of organizations.organizations.

Guatemala: June 29 - Camino Real  

Panama: August 17 - RIU Plaza  

HP Innovation day event

We were in Cartagena as part of the HP Forum Innovation Day, where we we presented our integration with Tech Pulsewhich allows thes organizations to manage early warnings (incidents) and automatically generate the case in at the help desk.

Kyndryl Forum 2023

We will be part of Kyndryl Forum 2023, a transformation, technology and innovation event for executives and organizations from all fields and industries, looking to continue on the path of digital growth.

Date: May 23, 2023

Developing leaders in industry knowledge

During this period we held our first training session with all the people involved in our ambassador program.

Check our training calendar here:

Channels - Portal Partner

Don't forget to log in to our Portal Partner and consult tll the tools and resources for that take advantage ofes to make the most of our alliance.

New resources!

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During this past quarter we conducted two certified training sessions, in order for our customers to have greater mastery of our solutions. We provided tools and knowledge through remote sessions in which our experts led these valuable training sessions.

Endpoint Certified Training: February 22nd

ASMS implementation professional certification: March 13

Novedades de desarrollo

Aranda Device Management (ADM)

The new version of Aranda Device Management allows the update of the conserver on local servers using distribution projects, allowing administrators to update the software manually or via the management console. In addition, the new ADM agents include several security enhancements, offers higher levels of encryption and limits connections for the use of TLS 1.2 and 1.3 protocols. Considering several security requirements, the new versions have changes in the requirements for installing and updating ADM. It is recommended to review the release notes release notes.

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  • Why is it essential for companies to have an IT tool that allows them to reduce security breaches?


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