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Modern Service Management for the digital transformation of your educational institution
Offer all your students, teachers, administrative staff and parents a unified platform for the registration and follow-up of service requests in the different areas of your institution through a modern Service Management tool designed to facilitate an efficient operation and improve the satisfaction levels of all your users. *-
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Why use our solution?

Facilitates the life of the entire student community, streamlining the process for the request and delivery of services.

It allows intelligent decisions to be made for the institution with real-time process monitoring.

Agile implementation and easy configuration that adapts perfectly to the needs of the institution.

What benefits does the institution obtain?
  • Single point of contact for centralized service management.
  • Omnichannel platform with modern customer service channels that make the user's life easier (mobile App, Chatbot, Web).
  • Reduction of response times and traceability of each request from start to finish.
  • Knowledge base that facilitates user self-service by reducing support costs.
  • Customizable platform that adapts to the institution's service management needs.
  • Automation of processes, notifications and connection between the different areas of the institution.
  • Reduction of response times and resolution of requests.
  • Automatic satisfaction surveys for continuous improvement in the delivery of services in each area of the institution.
  • Real-time control and monitoring of service management throughout the institution, with access to metrics and statistics of the different processes in each area.
  • Increased productivity with intelligent request management and workload balancing.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams, and modern system for the registration and control of data related to the health status of the entire student community.
  • Single point of contact for data entry by users from Microsoft Teams, with customizable survey according to the needs of the institution.
  • Chatbot integrated into Microsoft Teams with customizable message for registration reminder (Access from Microsoft Teams mobile app, desktop or Web)
  • Automated notifications of specific events related to users' health status.
  • Access to Dashboards with segmented or consolidated real-time statistics.
  • Access to customizable reports by date or data category.
  • Confidentiality and security of the recorded information.
  • Ease of implementation, configuration and administration of the solution.
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Learn about the main functionalities of our solution to meet the most frequent requirements of your educational community.
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